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OCA Pastoral Care Program

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Calling our Old Boys, can you help?
St Patrick’s College’s Old Collegians Association is excited to announce plans to introduce a new program aimed at helping its Old Collegians.
The College aims to build on SPC’s strong values of fellowship to establish a program in 2017 utilising the skills of its Old Collegians to help fellow Old Collegians.
This pastoral care program plans on harnessing the valuable, diverse and countless talents and skills of our Old Collegians to provide voluntary, practical assistance to other Old Boys in times of genuine need.
Essentially, a program of Old Boys helping Old Boys.
The need for a helping hand may come at a time when an Old Collegian is battling serious illness, injury, a tragic event and or struggling for some other genuine reason.
Through this program, the College hopes to offer practical, hands-on support and assistance to these Old Collegians at a time when they really need it.
This much-needed assistance may take on many different forms, but will be primarily hands-on voluntary assistance such as: mowing an Old Boy’s lawn, fixing a leaking tap,  collecting groceries, giving a ride to an errand or appointment. It could also be by providing a home-cooked meal, walking the dog, or helping with a spot of painting, gardening or utilising some other professional, trades or handyman skill – just a few simple ways which may brighten the day of a struggling Old Boy.
The College is establishing a register, detailing the names and talents/skills of Old Collegians across the country willing to help.
This will make it easier to match a request for help with the most suitable volunteer.
The College is now inviting Old Collegians to get in touch if they would like to become a pastoral care program volunteer.
Some Old Collegians may be in the position to help on a regular basis, others may be able to help once a year. That’s quite okay, whatever time you can spare will certainly make the difference to a SPC Old Collegian in their time of need.
If you are interested in registering your interest as a volunteer, please click on this link.
Alternately, if you know of anyone who may be in need of assistance, please let us know by clicking on this link.
If you would like more information, please contact Alumni and Foundation Officer Mrs Lorrie Liston on 5322 4442 or by email at lliston@stpats.vic.edu.au​