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Mission Report - February 7, 2019

author: Geoff Brodie

6 Feb

Mission Report - February 7, 2019

One of the many gifts of a school is the opportunity for a new start. In the spirit of Jesus’ Resurrection, we can start afresh with a new life and sense of hope every new year, every new semester, every new term, and every new day. This is true for our new students, families and staff who join us for the first time, for the students entering the adventure of new opportunities for growth and friendship and for the staff who are returning for another campaign. May each of us of begin in the joy, hope and trust that are the proper ingredients of our relationships.

Our Year 12 cohort started the year with a retreat experience that began with breakfast and Mass at the College followed by engaging presentations at the RACV Goldfields Resort in Creswick. Many thanks to the catering staff of SPC for a splendid breakfast, and to Fr Anthony Nagothu, our College Chaplain, for leading our Mass. The staff of the Goldfields Resort made us feel very welcome and served a generous lunch that will be long remembered by the boys.

Through the music and stories of the presenters, a clear vision of a flourishing life was offered to our young men. That life is the freedom and responsibility that emerges from a personal commitment to love and trust in our daily lives. Genevieve Bryant inspired us to always act with belief, hope and trust in others and in our God who loves us without limit. When we believe, it is always in another, and because of our belief, we will never be alone. Genevieve generously also sang at our Mass. Josh Angrisano boldly reassured us that to believe and trust is not a sign of weakness, but to acknowledge reality with courage. Fr Rob Galea returned for another year with the final part of this vision– do it scared! We should never let our fear tell us what to do. In our hearts, we come to know what God has established as right and just, and though it may be a terrifying challenge, our belief and trust in God will give us the courage to see it through.

May this year be filled with every grace and blessing for the community of St Patrick’s College. May we grant everyone the chance for a new start, whenever they need it.