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Enrolment process

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Enrolments at St Patrick's College, 2021 Year 7

2021 Year 7 Enrolment Applications are now open and parents are encouraged to submit their son's application this year. The closing date for 2021 Year 7 is Friday December 6, 2019

To receive a 2021 Enrolment Package please contact Ms Caitlin Bennett on 53 311688 or cbennett@stpats.vic.edu.au

Please note that 2021 Year 7 Enrolment closes on Friday December 6, 2019.

College Open Mornings 

Each Friday morning the College conducts tours for prospective students and their families. This is an ideal opportunity to see students and staff in action in a wide range of learning areas. Current parents are also most welcome to attend. To book a place on a tour please contact Ms Caitlin Bennett on 53 311688 or cbennett@stpats.vic.edu.au or make an online booking at this link.


2020 Year 7 Enrolment at St Patrick's College

Parents still hoping to enrol their son for 2020 in any year level must do so immediately.  Contact the Registrar now to obtain a Prospectus and Enrolment Application.

All submitted Enrolment application forms must be accompanied by a $50 Enrolment Application fee. 

As part of the formal application, the student and his parents or guardians are required to sign their acceptance of the terms of enrolment as stated on the application form.


* Details on scholarships available at St Patrick's College can be found at this link .

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Entry Year 8-12

Application for enrolment into Years 8 – 12 can be lodged at any time during the College year. However parents should be aware that enrolments later in the year could be difficult if the number of enrolment applications exceeds the number of places available for a particular year level. Enrolment forms should be accompanied by a copy of the student's most recent school report, evidence of sacraments undertaken and details of a senior contact person at the student’s current school. To be processed the enrolment form must be accompanied by the enrolment application fee of $50. 

Interviews for Years 8 to 12 will be scheduled at a time most convenient for the family and will be conducted by a member of the College enrolment team.  Parents will be notified of the status of the enrolment application within four weeks of the interview. 

Categories of Enrolment 

St Patrick’s College aims to make available places to any boy who seeks enrolment and is prepared to commit himself to respecting the Catholic nature of the school and its educational goals.

The College welcomes all application and interviews all applicants. When the number of applications exceeds the number of places that can be made available, preference in enrolment will normally be given to students in the following order:

1. Baptised Catholics from local Parish Schools who have completed all sacraments of initiation continuing in the practice of their faith and whose families respect the spiritual and religious dimensions of the education provided at St Patrick's College. 
2. Brothers of current or past students and sons of Old Collegians to St Patrick's. 
3. Baptised Catholics from regional Government schools where there is no closer Catholic school to their place of residence who have completed all sacraments of initiation. 
4. Baptised Catholic students from any other schools, who have completed all sacraments of initiation. 
5. Non-Catholic students from Catholic schools. 
6. Baptised Catholic students who have not completed their sacraments from any other schools. 
7. Non-Catholic students from other schools within the Diocese of Ballarat. 
8. Non-Catholic students from others schools outside the Diocese of Ballarat. 
9. The Headmaster has the right to accept or refuse any applicant whether the applicant is eligible under this policy without giving reason for his decision. 
10. The Headmaster has discretion to offer places to students from marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Evidence of sacraments must be provided with the enrolment application. The Headmaster has ultimate discrection in determining all offers of enrolment.

The College's full enrolment policy can be found here .

Conditions For Admission

*     The prospective student and his parents are required to respect the values underlying the Catholic philosophy of education.

*     The student undertakes to participate in the faith practices and observances of the College.  The parents undertake to support the College in its programme of religious and spiritual formation.

*     When accepting a place at the College, the prospective student and his parents accept the obligation that the student will abide by the College rules and standards of conduct and behaviour as they are at the time of appointment and as they evolve overtime.

*     Upon confirmation of enrolment, the student and his parents become members of the St Patrick's College community.  It is understood that the acceptance of enrolment implies an undertaking on the part of the student, with the support of his parents, to participate fully in all College activities as required of him.

*     Those accepted for Temporary enrolment, for example exchange students, and their sponsors, are bound by the same conditions as all other students, insofar as this is not an unreasonable demand.

*     Continuing enrolment depends upon the student and his parents abiding by the original conditions for admission.

Criteria For Acceptance Of Enrolment

*     The Headmaster of St Patrick’s College determines enrolments for the College, based upon the conditions and criteria stated in this document.

*     The normal year for entry into the College is Year 7.  Enrolment may occur in subsequent years if places are available.

*     The student must have a genuine and personal desire to be at St Patrick’s College and to be involved in the life of the College.

*     The degree of faith commitment of the student's parents or legal guardians is given serious consideration by the Headmaster of St Patrick’s College.

No student will be excluded because of his parents' inability to pay tuition fees.  (Enrolment Guidelines for Victorian Catholic Schools.  Catholic Education Commission of Victoria).  It is an obligation binding on parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who believe that they may be unable to pay the fees in full, that they discuss this with the Headmaster when applying for enrolment if it is known at that time, and at any other time after enrolment if such a situation arises.

More information on enrolment at St Patrick's College can be found at this link


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