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St Patrick's College is a Catholic day and boarding school for boys, founded by the Christian Brothers. Since 1893 it has served the people of Ballarat, Western Victoria and beyond. The SPC Mission Statement reads, in part, "True to the Catholic tradition the College attempts to promote the development of the whole person through the integration of religious faith with living ... we seek to bring about the vision of an authentic Catholic community".

The College was officially opened on the 24th January, 1893 under the leadership of Br Ryan. The initial enrolment was 34 students, consisting of 24 boarders and ten day students. Current enrolment is 1430 students, including more than 60 boarders. The Centenary was celebrated in 1993, and an official history of the College by Br P. C. Naughtin 'History and Heritage' was published.

St Patrick's prides itself upon its strong tradition of excellence. St Patrick's College is administered by Edmund Rice Education Australia following the closure of the Christian Brothers' residence on site in 2012.

To discover more about the history of the College including biographies of some of our most successful alumni, please click here.

If you are would like further information about the history of St Patrick's College please contact archivist Catriona Banks. Email: cbanks@stpats.vic.edu.au or call (03) 5322 4410. The College's Archives and Records Policy can be viewed at this link .


Above: An interactive 360 degree view of the main corridor.



Click here to read a transcript of Br Bill Wilding's speech which was delivered on March 17, 2013 to commemorate the 120th St Patrick's Day at the College and to acknowledge the work done by the Christian Brothers in that time.