Captain of Boarding

Interview with 2016 Boarding Captain Sam White 

How did you come to board at St Patrick’s?

Coming from a relatively small town I had always hoped to see and meet more people.   I began to look at boarding schools at the start of Year 9 and Ballarat was a natural fit, as that was where many people from where I came from had headed.  There was also a significant SPC link within my family as my Grandpa and his brothers all boarded at St Pat’s and I was keen to follow in their footsteps. I also have a strong desire to see how my football can shape my future and the College’s football program will certainly best support this.  Perhaps most importantly I believed boarding would make me a more independent person as well as helping me with my academic endeavours to ensure a successful future in whatever venture I undertake.

What aspects of boarding life do you most enjoy?

I have most enjoyed the friendships I have made and all of the activities you get to do with them.  You make a very strong bond together that I believe is unrivalled.  I have also enjoyed having all of the school’s resources on my doorstep, 24 hours a day (Gym, Teachers, Ovals etc.).

What are your duties as Boarding Captain?

I have the privilege to sit on the College Student Council which enables me to contribute a boarding perspective into changes that occur around the school. Also, I will run a boarding council, which is a staff absent meeting where students are able to express their ideas and contribute to shaping boarding to provide the best experience for all.

What kind of legacy would you like to leave as Boarding Captain at St Patrick’s?

I would like to leave as a person who had a real positive effect on boarding itself, ensuring that my actions resembled a respected leader who people could look up too and trust that I had their best interests at heart. Boarding brings together a great many different personalities – I hope to help create a boarding environment where all are respected, appreciated and allowed to flourish.  I would also want others to see that I took every opportunity presented to me to further myself within the College and wider Ballarat community and for my fellow boarders to be encouraged by my actions to do the same. We are privileged to be SPC boarders.