Meet the Director

Meet the Director – Mr Mike Silcock

What was your first involvement in boarding?

It is often said of boarding that, if successful, it creates the environment of a “home away from home”. This was certainly my experience as I left for boarding school at the age of seven. My time at boarding school has shaped my pathway that has ultimately led to my role today as Director of Boarding at St Patrick’s College. Throughout both my personal and professional life my decision making has been guided by those who held the responsibility of my care whilst at boarding school and I will forever be in their debt for the wonderful experience they afforded me. My aim is to give the boarders in my care the same experience.

What makes boarding at SPC unique?

Community is the hallmark of boarding at St Patrick’s College and underpins its uniqueness. With boarding numbers at 70 and boarders joining our community from across Victoria, interstate and internationally St Patrick’s College boarding celebrates our faith, diversity and our inclusivity. It is important our boarders acknowledge the privilege that is afforded them through their enrolment and give back to others less fortunate at every opportunity that presents itself.

What does it mean to be an Old Collegian?

To be an Old Collegian is to be a member of a lifelong community that supports and celebrates all the accomplishments of its members and their families.

Does St Patrick’s College prepare young men for life?

St Patrick’s College’s message is a clear one – “raising fine boys to the status of great men” – this speaks volumes for what the College does to prepare our students. Both through the College day and within the boarding community our students are taught the importance of liberating education, inclusive community, justice and solidarity and gospel spirituality . St Patrick’s College provides boys with valuable opportunities to develop personal qualities and life-long friendships.

Do SPC boarders do well academically?

Whilst the motivations of our boarders joining us do vary all understand the primary focus placed on their academic success. Whilst their education at St Patrick’s College is a holistic one emphasis will always be directed to their academic pursuits. Our Boarding Administrator coordinates our boarders’ academic studies and places significant attention on regular communication between boarding staff and teaching staff, although this process is aided with the large percentage of boarding staff who are also teachers at the College. Within the boarding community schedule is supervised study. This is run by members of our teaching staff and certainly provides additional support to our boarders. Boarder reports are written each semester that provides continuity and aids in the academic support provided to our boarders.

What level of care is provided in the boarding houses?

St Patrick’s College boarding is a home away from home, a place of safety and security, fun and friendship. We promote an inclusive community and welcome opportunities when parents, guardians, families and friends can engage, visit and support their sons as often as they can.

The Boarding Leadership Team, consisting of the Director of Boarding, Senior Weekend Coordinator and Boarding Administrator, oversee the total boarding program and are ultimately responsible for the welfare of all boarders at the College. The Boarding Leadership Team is supported by a dedicated staff that provides a supportive home like environment and point of contact for parents and/or guardians for each boarder in each Boarding House. Each boarding house has a Housemaster, Residential Tutor, Weekend Tutor, Housekeeper and GAP Tutor. Also assisting our residential staff is a dedicated medical coordinator, highly qualified catering team, maintenance team and teaching body who assist with study, meal and activity supervision. Finally our Headmaster is also residential and, with his family, regularly joins the boarding community.