Past Student

Daniel Briggs commenced as a boarder at St Patrick’s in Year 10, 2012 and completed Year 12 in 2014. Originally from Deniliquin, NSW and now studying in Queensland, Daniel shares with us some of his highlights as a boarder at St Patrick’s.

Describe a typical evening in the boarding house

A typical afternoon for me would involve some telly or some kind of sport, like rugby training, if it were on. I would then attend study, and finish by getting a snack and chill out if I could after a long day.

Did you participate in co-curricular activities and, if so what were some of your highlights?

Besides captaining the First XV rugby team I took part in bread runs back in year eleven and absolutely loved it, I wish I could’ve spent some more of my own time at St. Pats doing some of that type of volunteer work as on the couple of occasions I did do it, it was really rewarding. Those type of activities or initiatives are one of the best things the college offers.

Did you take on any student leadership roles at St Patrick’s?

If so, what did you enjoy about this? I was captain of boarding, I was also captain of the College’s first XV and, in conjunction with the role in boarding, I was on both the Student Council and Congress. I think the best thing about it was having such a huge pride in my College and myself and again representing it to the best of my ability wether that was during a match or with in the college or out in the wider community. If given the opportunity to lead I suggest all current students take it with both hands.

How did you find settling into the boarding house and city life when you moved from regional NSW?

Settling in to boarding was actually quite easy for me, or so I felt. I wasn’t the most well-behaved but I eventually found my way. I started in Sturt house, now known as Phyland-Farley, with a lot of other boys who had just recently started boarding. Initially there was home sickness but after finding my own little group of family members it quickly became a home away from home and I felt completely comfortable in boarding life.

Do you have advice for boys who may be commencing as a new boarder?

My biggest piece of advice is probably to stay on top of everything and don’t forget that people, like your house staff, are there to help and, simply by asking, they will help. Having a good group of mates or just a mate to talk to about things is always such a big help and being able to have a good and healthy relationship with those kinds of people goes a very long way. Also if there’s a set study time in place utilise it as it is one of the most important things offered to you in boarding. Set times to study are extremely helpful and as much as they seem a drag they will help in the long run for any year level whether it’s Year 7 or all the way to Year 12.

Life after St Patrick’s: What are you currently doing?

I am currently living in Brisbane, QLD about to commence a Bachelor of Primary Education as of the second of March at the University of Griffith at the Mt Gravatt campus. Definitely missing boarding more and more every day though.