Common Questions

How will the School handle issues of absences?

All pre-determined absences should be coordinated with the Director of Boarding. In the case of an unforeseen absence, the parent/guardian should contact the Director of Boarding and Housemaster as soon as reasonably possible.

How will the School handle issues of illness?

In the event of your son being unwell, he should make his way to the college first aid Officer who will assess the boy’s ability to attend school for the day. If the student is unfit to attend school, he will be placed into the college sick bay and assessed by a doctor if necessary. The first aid Officer will then liaise with the day school in terms of absence from class, and inform the Housemaster or relevant staff member and parents where necessary.

What is the School’s policy on uniforms and clothing?

The school policy on uniform can be found at

Is counselling available?

Within the first few days of beginning at St Patrick’s, all new students undergo a new student session with one of our school counselors. This session is a casual conversation to assess how the student is settling in and aims to highlight any concerns they may have. If the councilor, boarding staff or teaching staff see fit, they may request for these sessions to continue in an effort to support the student.

What sort of behaviour is expected inside the boarding house?

Respectful behaviour is expected at all times. To every other member of the community whether staff or boarder, older or younger. All are seen to be integral members of the community, be they Housemasters, Residential Tutors, assistants in the kitchen, dining room, or residences, and boarders themselves. This respect is cultivated when all recognise and endeavour to live out the true Christian values espoused by the total St Patrick’s College community.

We live very far away. Who will be my son’s guardian?

All students are encouraged to have a guardian who lives locally. This may be an extended family member, family friend or acquaintance. However, all students will be fully supported by our boarding staff when in need of on site support.

What arrangements are made for holidays and Exeat weekends?

Each term an exeat weekend is planned, usually based around a long weekend, where the boarding houses will be closed – usually from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon. Similarly, at the end of each term, the houses close on the final day of term for the entire period of the holidays. During both of these periods no student is able to remain in the boarding house. This is an excellent opportunity for boys to return home, stay with a friend or their guardian.

What if my son gets homesick?

Over the course of their time at St Patrick’s this may happen, and is largely a natural part of leaving home, particularly for first time boarders. With particular focus on the first days of boarding our staff monitor and support boys who may be missing home and we try to actively engage students in activities to keep them occupied and stimulated. Contact with home can sometimes be settling, but we encourage the boys to seek assistance from house staff and fellow boarders.

How many boys are in each room?

Dependent upon the room size and year level this may vary. Usually no more than four boys are in one room.

How many boarders are there and where do they come from?

Currently there are 43 boarders. They come from local, interstate and international locations.

What is the academic performance of St Patrick’s boarders?

We pride ourselves on our academic structure within boarding. Boys undertake study from Sunday – Thursday evenings, and with a range of current teaching staff as study tutors, we can also offer one-to-one assistance with academic tasks outside the classroom. As a result of these measures, we see many boarders not only achieving what we know them to be capable of, but much more.

Who does the laundry for boarders?

Boys are allocated a laundry day when their washing will be done by the housekeeper. The washing must be sorted and presented to the housekeeper. However, if they require an item of clothing to be washed at another time, it is their own responsibility to do so using the facilities in the house.

Who tidies the boys’ rooms?

This is the sole responsibility of the boarder.

Can the boarders use school facilities?

Yes. Of an afternoon and evening many of the school facilities are available to boarders. The library, gym, weights room, tennis and soccer courts, ovals and surrounds are used throughout the week.

Are the boarders allowed out on the weekend?

We encourage boys to make the most of their free time on a weekend and participate in a range of activities. Local trips throughout the weekend simply require the permission of the house staff member on duty. Leave for an extended period of time with a friend or family member requires more planning as weekend arrangements must be communicated to the housemaster during the week.

Can I visit my son on the weekend and take him out?

This is certainly encouraged and can be a nice way to break up a term for a boarder who lives a significant distance away. Leave for an extended period of time with a friend or family member requires more planning as weekend arrangements must be communicated to the housemaster during the week.