In 2020 the College asked its current boarding parents why they chose to send their son to board at the school.

Following are some of their responses:

Family 1: “Above all else, we needed our son to feel happy, safe and part of a boarding house community that not only welcomed him but also the family as a whole. St. Patrick’s College have gone above and beyond to fill this brief!”

Family 2: “Boarding at St Pat’s provided (our son) with an opportunity for growth in a number of aspects of his life, notably education, sport and leadership.

However, it has given him a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges that are faced by the wider community and the opportunities that exist to improve society.

I am confident that the experiences and skills he has gained from being a St Pat’s border will stay with him and enhance his opportunities for a full and well balanced life.”

Family 3: “We saw Boarding as an opportunity for our boys to embark on a journey of independence and growth, to be able to grow into the best they can be.

We know the boys are learning not only other people’s stories but they are building strong foundations of mateship, respect and understanding that they will maintain for life.”

Family 4: “I chose to send my son to board at St Patrick’s College to give him opportunities beyond the classroom.

He has grown into a mature, independent and respectful young man who constantly demonstrates outstanding integrity and character.

His achievements academically and as a leader have exceeded my expectations.

I have no doubt his experience as a St Pat’s Boarder has formed the foundations required for him to confidently leap into opportunities and to trust his judgments as he moves through adult life.”

Family 5: “We wanted to provide (our son) with a place of learning within which he would be supported and nurtured with family values similar to our own… where he would live, grow and develop self-reliance and independence with like-minded boys in a culturally diverse community, not too far from home.”

Family 6: “St Patrick’s has instilled a sense of community in our boys where they have developed self-confidence, independence and a tolerance and an understanding of others.

The breadth of learning, co-curricular activities and facilities have provided our boys with every opportunity to achieve personal excellence.”

Family 7: Boarding at St Patrick’s College has provided our son with experiences and opportunities that were unattainable in our small community in North West Victoria.

He has been able to learn, socialise and participate in team sports with other students his own age.

Boarding has given our son the opportunity to explore a world of new possibilities in education and future pathways.  

Most importantly he has developed connections with teachers, support staff and has made invaluable friendships. He has never looked back.”