2023 Year 7 Enrolments


Welcome to St Patrick’s College and the best place to find all information about enrolling your son in Year 7 in 2023.

Applications for 2023 Year 7 close on Friday, December 3.

2023 Information Session

The 2023 Information Evening was held on Thursday 21, October at 5.30 pm via Live Stream.

We encourage you to start your journey with St Patrick’s College by watching the above video. It gives a thorough overview of what makes us unique including our commitment to expertise in boys’ education in a Catholic tradition with excellent curriculum and co-curricular offerings.

Then we encourage you to view a selection of short presentations by our senior staff, providing you with more information about various areas of the College.

Should you wish to seek further information we have also included this Frequently Asked Questions  document. It provides a lot more detail and should answer many of your questions.

Should you seek an online meeting with any of our senior staff simply provide us with your details at this link and we will arrange a time for a chat.

Finally, the further down the page we have provided a virtual tour of St Patrick’s College. Here you will see the great facilities on offer. Of course, you can also book a tour in person at this link.

Then, once you’ve absorbed all the information and have made your decision to apply for a position at St Patrick’s College, you can easily fill in the online application form at this link.

Remember, applications for 2023 Year 7 close on Friday, December 3.

Should you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact the College Registrar on 5322 4449 or email enrolments@stpats.vic.edu.au

We hope you enjoy learning more about St Patrick’s College where we raise fine boys to the status of great men!

Information videos

Deputy Principal Mrs Elizabeth Ryan provides information about exactly how we will care for your son and guide him on his journey towards becoming a great man. Watch.

More details on the College’s Pastoral Care programs can be found at this link.

Director of Teaching and Learning Mrs Julia Petrov outlines the diverse and engaging curriculum on offer at St Patrick’s College. This includes details on how we provide the best career pathway for your son. Watch

More details on the College’s curriculum can be found at this link.

Director of the Junior School Mr Gavin Webb explains what your son can expect in his transition to secondary school. This includes details on Year 7 camps, the College Pastoral Care program and what a day in the life of a Year 7 student entails. Watch

More details on the Junior School can be found at this link

St Patrick’s College is proudly a Catholic school in the charism of the Blessed Edmund Rice. So what does that mean exactly? Director of Mission Mr Geoff Brodie explains the important role of faith at St Patrick’s College. Watch

More details on the College’s Mission can be found at this link. More details on the College’s vision can be found at this link.

Head of Computing Mr Ian Fernee provides an overview of how St Patrick’s College weaves the use of technology and devices into everyday learning. Never has this been more relevant as the world transitions further towards digital environments  each day. Watch

More details on the College’s Digital Learning Device Program can be found at this link.

St Patrick’s College is renowned as a home for many wonderful sportsmen. Head of Sport Ms Tina Benoit explains how your son can participate in this great tradition in a variety of sports – either just for fun, or for serious competition at the elite level. Watch

More details about sport at St Patrick’s College can be found at this link.

At St Patrick’s College, it is the halls (and not the hills) which are alive with the sound of music. Each Year 7 student learns a new instrument and, as Head of Music Ms Fiona Wilson explains, is presented the opportunity to join one of our acclaimed bands. Watch

More details about music can be found at this link.

Head of Co-curricular Performance Ms Monique Allen guides our extremely talented students through the world of theatre, drama and public speaking. In this video Ms Allen describes the amazing learning opportunities your son can enjoy in this vibrant world. Watch

More details about Performing Arts can be found at this link.

Boarding is one of the great traditions at St Patrick’s College. Since the doors of the College first opened in 1893 it has been home to generations of boarders from across Australia and the world. Director of Boarding Mr Mike Silcock explains the benefits of a boarding education, including flexi-boarding. Watch

More details about Boarding can be found at this link.

Director of Community Development Mr Paul Nolan introduces the Old Collegians Association and explains the important role it will play for your son for decades to come. Watch

More details about the Old Collegians Association can be found at this link.

Congratulations on reaching this far! By now we hope your mind is made up and you want more information about how to enrol at St Patrick’s College. Business Manager Andrew Ballesty explains the enrolment process, school fees and the possibilities of scholarships and concessions. Watch

More information about fees can be found at this link.

Virtual Tour

At St Patrick’s College we believe our facilities are first-class. From our century-old buildings to the newest state-of-the-art kitchen classrooms, our aim is to provide your son with the best possible place to advance his education. Watch the video below to take a virtual tour through all that is on offer at 1431 Sturt St, Ballarat.

More information

Normally, at the conclusion of an Information Night attendees would have the opportunity to speak directly with our senior staff in search of more information. We believe that is still an important part of your decision making process. Should you wish to speak with any of our senior staff please provide your details at this link and we will arrange an interview.

Alternately, you are always invited to call the College Registrar on 5322 4449 or email enrolments@stpats.vic.edu.au

Finally, if you want to discover even more about the College you can also read our online prospectus.

Register your online application now.

We have tried to make the online application as easy as possible.

Simply click this link and follow the prompts.

We look forward to welcoming you and your son to St Patrick’s College.

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