The College has developed a range of policies and procedures which ensure the safety and wellbeing of students whilst maximising learning opportunities for students.

EREA Code Of Conduct


EREA Whistle-blower Protection Policy

EREA Privacy Policy

Complaints Handling Program (1)

Uniform Policy

Workplace Gender Equality 

For details on St Patrick’s College’s compliance with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency please contact the College.
2021 2022 WGEA Public Report

Information Collection Notice

St Patrick’s College Information Collection Notice

NCCD Notice

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disabilities fact sheet for parents, guardians and carers

Statement of Democratic Principles
St Patrick’s College is committed to the principles of a liberal democracy.
  • We believe in an accountable, democratically elected government.
  • We respect and observe the rule of law, and believe that no person is above the law.
  • We believe in equal rights for all before the law, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender or other attributes.
  • We believe not only in the freedom of religion, but also the need to practice tolerance and understanding of others’ beliefs.
  • We believe in the value of freedom of speech and freedom of association, but also acknowledge that we have the responsibility not to abuse this freedom.
  • We believe in the values of openness and tolerance, and value and respect all members of the school community regardless of background