Year 9 Subject Selection

2022 Year 9 Subject Selection

This page has been prepared to guide Year 8 students and their parents through the subject selection process for Year 9 in 2022. Follow each section for information on the programs and subjects offered in Year 9 at St Patrick's College.

Proposed 2022 Year 9 subjects need to be submitted in Web preferences no later than Friday, 10 September.

  • Section 1 - Welcome to the Middle School

  • Section 2 - Subjects and Interests

  • Section 3 - Core Subjects

  • Section 4 - Year 9 Literacy Program

  • Section 5 - Year 9 Electives

  • Section 6 - Submitting your proposed subjects

  • 2022 Year 9 Information Booklet

Section 1

Welcome to the Middle School

The St Patrick’s College Middle School aims to be a significant and positive experience in the life of the Year 9 boys in our care. We acknowledge the particular needs of adolescents and strive to provide opportunities for each student to become independent and active learners through rich and innovative curriculum, a curriculum that awakens and stimulates the intelligence.


Section 2

Subjects and Interests

To help you get thinking about your subjects for Year 9, ask yourself the following:

  1. Which Year 8 subjects am I good at or I enjoy?
  2. Which Year 9 subjects do I think I will be good at or am interested in?


Section 3

Year 9 - Core Subjects

Students in the Year 9 Program are required to complete the following areas of study:

Religious Education  6 sessions per fortnight
English 10 sessions per fortnight
Mathematics 10 sessions per fortnight
Humanities 10 sessions per fortnight
Science 10 sessions per fortnight
Physical Education 4 sessions per fortnight
Rite Journey 2 sessions per fortnight
Community Service 2 sessions per fortnight
Pastoral Care 2 sessions per fortnight



Section 4

Year 9 Literacy Program

The Year 9 Literacy options are 8 sessions per fortnight for the whole year. Students will choose one of the following Literacy Options.


A continuation of the Year 8 Japanese program based on the Victorian Curriculum.

Literacy Support 

A targeted intervention program designed to support boys who benefit from the teaching of explicit literacy skills (Invitation only).

Literacy Development 

Literacy Development provides the opportunity for boys to extend their knowledge and experience in a range of literacy genres that can be applied in other subject areas.

Students who nominate Literacy Development will choose from the following:

  • Computer Coding
  • Film and Media
  • Philosophy
  • Music in the Real World
  • Scientific Investigation and Thinking
  • Literature and English Language
  • Art, Design and Architecture 
  • Mathematical Problem-Solving and Financial Awareness

See the Year 9 Information Booklet for more details about each of the Literacy Development subjects.


Section 5

Year 9 Electives

The Year 9 elective offerings come from four disciplines – Computing, Health and Physical Education, Technology and The Arts. All Year 9 students study one elective subject each semester.  Choose your electives from two of the four disciplines.

Read about each elective in the 2022 Year 9 Information Booklet.


Section 6

Submitting your proposed subjects

Web Preferences

You now need to submit your proposed 2022 Year 9 subjects into Web preferences. You will be sent an email with a personalised link from - Don't delete it!!! .

With your parents, choose the following:

  • Your Literacy Program
  • Your Elective subjects

You don't need to print the receipt just save the PDF of it.

Next, you'll be asked to add your parent or guardian's email address so your proposed subjects can be confirmed.

For more instructions on how to submit web preferences see the instructions below.

Contact Mr Ferguson, Director of Administration if you need help with submitting your web preferences or have lost the email.

Parents - Subject Selection Confirmation

Once a student has completed his web preferences, he will be required to enter his parent/guardian's (primary contact) email address. This will generate an email requesting confirmation of his proposed course of studies by his parent/guardian. Look out for an email from and confirm the selections. It may be in your email junk/spam. If the selections are incorrect, please ask your son to log back into web preferences and make the change accordingly.

Please see the short video below for further instructions.

Please contact Mr Tom Ferguson, Director of Administration if you need web preference support -

Your proposed 2022 Year 9 subjects need to be submitted in Web preferences no later than Friday, 10 September.


For more information on Year 9 Subject Selection, please contact Mrs Julia Petrov - Director of Teaching and Learning.