What Counts Towards VCAL?

Can I continue to complete my SBA while I’m studying VCAL?

Yes. An SBA is a very desirable match with a VCAL course.

Will prior VET studies contribute to my VCAL?

Yes. All successfully completed VET modules can contribute to successful completion of the certificate. There are minimum Industry Specific Skills requirements for a full VCAL. Students will be advised how many credits they will need prior to signing up for the VCAL program.

I did VCE in Year 11. Will this contribute?

Yes. Your successfully completed VCE studies can contribute to your Applied Learning program. However, you will still be required to undertake all VCAL strands because these studies contribute to your vocational readiness.

Can I swap to the VCE if I change my mind?

This is not advisable, because you may not qualify for your VCE because of VCAA Subject sequencing requirements. In a situation where a student wishes to change to VCE, it may be necessary for the student to undertake an additional year of schooling to fulfil the necessary requirements. In Year 10, if you successfully complete your Foundation VCAL and then decide that VCE is the right pathway for you, then there may well be opportunities for transferring back into VCE. This decision is not to be made lightly, and carries with it some consequences including readjusting to an academic learning style, and committing to working in this way during Years 11 and 12.

Do I need to sit the GAT?


How will I be assessed?

Your VCAL teaching team is responsible for your assessment as having met outcomes in a competent manner. You will need to complete more than two tasks to show that each outcome has been met.