1st XI Soccer report – August 14, 2019

August 14, 2019

St Patrick’s Seniors 9 defeated St Patrick’s Reserves 0

GOALS: Jordan Armstrong 4, Alex Baker 4, Tyson Strachan

BEST: Alex Baker, Jordan Armstrong, Flynn Squire, Maxx Hofler, Jordan Lauton, Patrick Heagney, Connor Gaffney, Tyson Strachan, Kale Huggett

BEST RESERVES: Tom Latrobe, Matthew Layton, Brandon Radic, Declan Andrew, Hugh Ollerenshaw, Jack Carey

What a fantastic contest was observed between the two St Patrick’s sides in the first half with the Reserves only being held back on their counter attacks, due to the surety of Flynn Squire reading the play so well, supported by Patrick Heagney and Connor Gaffney offering able support. Flynn read the play so well throughout that it was apt that he started a run forward that gave us a corner. The ball was collected by Kale Huggett and he crossed neatly to Jordan Armstrong who had been waiting for such an opportunity and he put it away for the only score of the first half.

The Reserves had been so desperate throughout with notable saves on goal from Tom Latrobe, Matt Layton and Declan Andrew who were up for the coming challenges. Jack Carey had got behind some serious shots on goal and must be commended for his work in goals. Brandon Radic had been dangerous off the wing and Declan Andrew was dangerous to all in his path.

The second half result was expected but not to the level of ability that the Seniors showed. Alex Baker and Jordan Lauton began the second half in dazzling form taking on the opponents through the centre corridor. What was pleasing was their use of the wide players and especially Maxx Hofler who acted as a serious conduit forward with his guile on the ball.

Our second goal was the result of sustained pressure at the keeper with three shots in succession from Alex, Jordan Lauton and finally Jordan Armstrong to finish it off 2-0. Flynn was controlling at the back and his side steps and sure passing put us into attack. In this instance Jordie was released and was brought down crudely from behind with the resulting free taken by Alex flying over the top of the upright.

Frustrating it may have been but Alex does not give up on one or two misses and he would prove that you can turn things around quickly with perseverance. Pat Heagney came forward from picking up an errant pass in defense and he swathed his way through the opponents to allow a shot on goal. Unfortunately, the goals were not on his radar and he retreated to the backline.

However, the sustained pressure saw the game quickly break open:

Alex gave Jordan Armstrong a soda view of the goals 3-0

Jordan put Alex on but he smashed the ball but it deflected over the top

Jordie got a free 25 metres out and Alex hit the free perfectly into the top right 4-0

Kale made a forward run and crossed back expertly to Alex who hit an excellent shot wide of the keeper 5-0

A quick corner was taken by Tyson Strachan and the nearby Maxx Hofler headed into the box before passing to a loose Alex Baker and he had time enough to put it into the vacant net 6-0

Maxx took off on the left wing and with some smart play it ended with Jordan Armstrong streaming forward at the right time as he always seems to do and he finished off for 7-0

Alex Baker passed to Tyson Strachan and he broke clear on the left wing and held before passing to Jordan who required a sharp pass across the lines on the right but Alex had continued on and cut inside to intercept and he smashed an impressive finish into the back of the net 8-0.

The final goal came from a Maxx Hofler intercept and he run deep into attack with a cross to Tyson Strachan who celebrated on his easy finish to make it 9-0.

The Reserve team had played so well for so long but it did come apart -“ the Seniors are able to play at a very high level and this Reserves team, should feel encouraged with their efforts. –