1st XI Soccer report – August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015


GOALS – Trent Moodley 3, Josh De Voogel 2, Jack Gaffney, Brayden Baker, Jack Reinhardt, Ben Hutchins, OG

BEST- – – – – Trent Moodley, James King, Will McLoughlin, Jack Reinhardt, Josh De Voogel, Dennis Heinke, Ben Hutchins

Josh deVoogel became- the strong option down the left flank and his centring of the ball inside the first minute saw Ben Hutchin’s top of the head just miss over the top.- Jack Gaffney was dangerous in centre forward and was often involved getting an offside call one that ended in the net as well as playing others into position for attacks. James King was a welcome addition into our midfield and his delivery was sublime, putting angle into our attacks and finding feet to advantage.

It took a while but a series of frantic shots on goal finally saw Jack Gaffney get a rebound which he put in for our first. This was followed by Brayden Baker hitting Will McLoughlin who in turn gave off to Josh de Voogel to score our second for the half. High School had offered more opposition than expected but they seriously didn’t build up attacking force at any stage.

It all unravelled for High School in the second half but our endeavour was much better and our passing more sure as we rolled on 8 goals in the half. Josh Lynch passed to James King in the central forward area and his sharp pass back to Brayden Baker let him in untouched for our third. Will delivered a long ball from near the midline which Trent Moodley gathered and streaked forward past their defence to deliver our fourth.

Ben passed to Jack Reinhardt who took on a defender and the keeper who had closed well outside the box, but Jack was able to squeeze the shot inside for a rolling goal. Miles Baker had only a small role in goals but put his name in lights as he scooped up a back pass. Their indirect free was smashed into a solid line with Billy Munter being the culprit for stopping their big chance at scoring.

Will McLoughlin was again the passer to Trent for his second to take us to 6-0 as the rain set in and the pitch deteriated further before our eyes. A fast turn over saw the ball transferred from defence to James King and he passed sweetly to Trent whose run was perfect, allowing him to run forward to score his hat trick.

Josh De Voogel was pleased to be the lucky receiver after a volley of shots were defended only for Josh to pick it up and net the return for his second goal. Trent showed great skill in picking up a hard shot and delivering perfectly to Ben Hutchins in one action, allowing the latter to score. Just before time was called in appalling conditions, Trent made a supreme effort stopping the ball on the left side line and stepping inside the defender before putting up a powerful shot into the 6 yard box, drawing an own goal to finish off the match.

So the final round of the BAS season has finished with eight wins, and one loss and a draw against the Grand Finalist opposition Ballarat College. This was an impressive performance to finish off the normal season as we controlled the ball especially in the second half and put enormous pressure on their defence. More scoring options became apparent as players looked to play their forward role, while still maintaining team structure and control.

The BAS Grand Final will be next Wednesday at Morshead Park and it would be expected to be on the top synthetic pitch. Good luck to the team and you have well deserved this opportunity.