1st XI Soccer report – July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015


GOAL Miles Baker (pen)

BEST- – – Brandon Lauton, Tom Whitburn, Jake Selby, Miles Baker, Brayden Baker, Josh De Voogel, Trent Moodley, Leighton Parkinson

This was a very high class game in the play, the control and skill showed by players, the intent of attacks on goals by both teams and in the strategy employed by both teams. From the first stanza, the speed of the game was intense with periods of non-stop passing and movement down the extent of the pitch. We began with control through the centre by Miles Baker and Brandon Lauton and significant contributors in Jake Selby and Tom Whitburn. Our attacks went close on a number of occasions but were foiled at the last line -“ sometimes by their very competent keeper and at others by the tightness of the passing needed at the top of the 18 yards.

Will McLoughlin was strong in defence and made a significant clearance off an attack down their left side. Jake Selby was a go to option down our left flank and was able to get deeper than our other attackers and expose their defence. However, it was Jack Gaffney who had come on off the bench who was the key to winning a corner that ultimately led to our goal from the penalty spot. The corner came in and we rose for connection with a penalty given for a push on James deVoogel who rose high. Miles Baker calmly carved the ball from the penalty spot into the corner for the needed goal. They attacked strongly as they tend to after conceding and went close with an attacker breaking through our defence, only to miss past the left post as Henry Wines approached him. We survived a turn over at the 18 yard box but maintained the lead to the half time.

Trent Moodley had come on and his strong play set up significant chances on both sides of the break. James Robinson had asked for central numbers to nullify their defensive advantage in the centre, but we continued to take the long trek on occasions which allowed College to defend with often 8 College players in our last half. Miles Baker chopped off a move and returned it smartly into the 18 yards and it was only the keeper’s brilliant tip over that saved them from going two down. Josh Lewis did a high leg control of what would have been a dangerous through ball and Jake Selby turned us quickly forward and we won a free kick in the deep forward area.

Leighton Parkinson and Brayden Baker gave us drive from centre and central defence respectively and both set up good chances inside the 18 yards. Brandon and Trent continued to build up the pressure with tight passing inside but we kept being cut off without finding the necessary space to get a direct shot at the goals. Miles gained a free when brought down at 25 metres and drew a tap over save. There continued to be patches of brilliant linkage into our forward line but no gaps.

We passed backwards with most of our players forward and their #27 pounced on the option and used pace to break clear and scored on the one on one. College lifted with this chance and #23 delivered two poor tackles on Josh deVoogel, which perhaps saw them lift further in the dying minutes. Ben Hutchins gave a chance to Brayden that went just over the bar and Jack Gaffney set up Jake Selby with a shot from inside the 18 yards. Finally, some flutters for the team as they were brought down just outside their 18 but they wasted the shot.

In summary: it had been a high skilled game as was noted; we perhaps had most of the play for the match; College are dangerous on the counter-attack and especially in the dying minutes; we aren’t finding space inside our own 18 yard box; College are pushing numbers into defence as we build up attacks; these same two teams will play off in this year’s BAS Final and it will be another classic match.

Well played by all involved on Wednesday night and all the best for the future two games and Final.