1st XI Soccer report – June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015

1st XI Match Report -“ June 17, 2015


GOALS – Jack Reinhardt 2, Josh Lynch, Ben Hutchins

BEST- – – Josh Lynch, Jack Reinhardt, Henry Wines, Brayden Baker, Tom Lannen, James King, Ben Hutchins, Brandon Lauton

The game started with some nervousness as the size of the compatriot SPC Blue team registered with players as they looked up after the rowdy cheer let off by the physically bigger and taller boys that Mr Franzin has moulded into a formidable opposition for all in the BAS competition of 2015.

However, the Blues were left a little shell shocked from the impressive start by the St Patrick’s Senior team as they held the ball, passed accurately to the wide receivers and streaked forward with a series of dangerous attacks. Miles Baker was laying off neatly and Leighton Parkinson was dominant at attacking centre in the first 15 minutes. Josh De Voogel went close and rattled the side of the net after a fast linking passage down the right flank but it was Brandon Lauton who delivered the first success as his sharp receive and pass to Jake Selby saw the latter run deep on the left and his cross was centred to Jack Reinhardt and he continued his profitable season with a crisp finish for 1-0.

Brayden Baker cleared to the right wing and this time Tom Lannen broke through from the centre and continued a long run finishing with a close shot to the right. Henry Wines who had been the go-to man on numerous occasions to relieve pressure at the back had to reach left and punch a strong shot out from a shot over the wall which had a -‘little’ on it. Jake Selby relieved the pressure with a purposeful manoeuvre down into our forward area. SPC Blue counter attacked again and this time they were successful with a thunder blast by Ed North from 30 metres that levelled the scores before the half.

Fortunately the second half fell into place early as Jack Gaffney started to gain possession on the front right and he centred to Trent Moodley who set Josh Lynch the task from 20 metres. He measured the shot from 20 metres over the hands of keeper Paddy with a looping shot to put us back in front. It wasn’t long and Miles Baker passed from among defensive pressure to the looping run of Brayden Baker who had little trouble with the lone keeper to button up the result. It could have been more when a centred ball was stroked from out of the air by Tom Whitburn whose shot missed by very little.

Brayden Baker and Henry Wines were instrumental in our defence when SPC Blue attacked with some unconventional moves by Brayden but essentially we were able to turn dangers easily. Brandon Lauton showed all his growing skill as he danced around a series of defenders on the left wing, driving us forward. The two Jacks worked together for a close chance as did Trent and Jack Gaffney near the end. Ben Hutchins delivered the final goal from a corner with his perfectly dropping ball away from the keeper which gave Jack Reinhardt the chance for a lovely header over the keeper for a 4-1 finish.

This completes the first round of the BAS competition and we sit near the top having dropped one game against College in the first match. They loom again early in the third term and we need to prepare for this especially against their -‘talls’ from the corners, but for now holidays approach.-

Well done to all senior players who have begun the season in such brilliant fashion (and the Blue team also who have done exceptionally well).