1st XI Soccer report – June 3, 2015

June 3, 2015


GOALS – Ben Hutchins 3, Brandon Lauton, Leighton Parkinson, Josh De Voogel

– BEST – – – Brandon Lauton, Miles Baker, Jack Reinhardt, Ben Hutchins, Marco Farrell, Josh Lynch

St Patrick’s College 1st XI soccer team has recorded its most impressive performance of the season with a 6-1 victory over Ballarat Grammar.

Jack Reinhardt used his pace to cause early concern with a chip attempt over the keeper causing Grammar panic near the start.-

Our centre players were dominant and Grammar were on the back foot.-

Miles Baker was in and out of trouble in the centre spinning away from opponents and placing the ball to advantage on our right wing.-

Marco Farrell was collecting and sending the ball forward off that wing and we seemed destined to score.-

Josh de Voogel won a corner after a series of sharp passes through the centre. We went with the short play off the corner but kept being thwarted on the final shot. –

Grammar continued to get into their attack zone but were broken down by a concerted defence.

Henry Wines delivered a long clearance to the wing and Marco Farrell collected. Brayden Baker twice cut out their approaches while Dennis Heinke was clear headed at the back and the defence refused to give away the dangerous corners.

A strong build up on the left wing via Will McLoughlin passing to Josh De Voogel allowed Ben Hutchins to double play and Josh ran inward and crossed sharply, with the ball being picked up neatly by Ben for our first goal 1-0.-

Dennis continued to turn their attacks with clear headers and it was pleasing to see attacker Ben Hutchins stop a dangerous situation to our advantage from inside their 18 yards.-

Pressure was building and their rough defender fouled Brandon Lauton before our own Will McLoughlin copped a yellow card for a poor challenge.-

The resulting free dropped in a dangerous spot at the top of the 18 yards with the three St Pat’s defenders not able to stop the ball falling to an unmarked Grammar forward who placed the ball to the right of Henry’s desperate attempt 1-1.

We scored late in the half due to fast play between Leighton Parkinson onto Miles Baker and Ben Hutchins and then back again to Leighton for our second 2-1.

Early in the second Brandon was brought down crudely after a sharp inside pass from Jack Reinhardt put him on the ball. Brayden Baker recovered the defended ball and put Brandon through and, despite facing an advancing keeper and then a close defence on his outer, he ran in and put it cleanly in for 3-1.

James King had snuck into the defensive midfield role and was making it very hard for their attackers and the other smallish player Jack Reinhardt at the other end was too quick for their defence -“ making options open up.-

Jack was instrumental in winning a corner and Miles and Brandon played a set play with a close miss. –

Grammar had good players and their number 9 Michael Mullins went close over the top on two occasions and then Dennis Heinke hassled him all the way down their attacking zone shielding him into a low percentage shot.

Remarkably Josh De Voogel missed a chance on the end of a great build-up but it was redeemed soon after when five defenders saw the ball drop underneath only for Josh to pounce and cement the result with a goal 4-1.-

The final two goals both fell to Ben Hutchins in a similar fashion with him collecting passes enabling him to turn on his right boot for direct shots at the hapless keeper. Two more goals were the result with Grammar crying ‘off-side’ but oblivious to their protective back right being well behind Ben on both occasions .

This was throughout an impressive performance from all 14 players used by St Patrick’s College.