1st XI Soccer report – May 13, 2015

May 13, 2015


GOALS – Josh DeVoogel

BEST– Miles Baker, Josh DeVoogel, Jake Selby, James King, Brandon Lauton, Josh Lynch

The first half revealed that the season was not going to be a walk in the park for the St Patrick’s team as College had assembled a serious team. While they may have lacked the skill of the St Patrick’s players, they were able to play in close and had a couple of dangerous looking forwards.-

We moved the ball cleanly across the park and our defence showed absolute poise, but our final delivery into the forward area left a lot to be desired. Good work was spoiled by indifferent attempts at crosses -“ many being aimed into the 18 yard box for their keeper to clean up.-

James King was busy and made our first attack from outside the box which went close.

Trent Moodley showed a good read and side stepped the keeper, but found the angle too difficult with the defence desperately trying to get back.-

Miles Baker who was controlling the centre of the park with deft movements used a set piece which led to a header from Ben Hutchins close-in that missed.-

Jake Selby playing left back had intercepted a number of their attacks and this time he broke through himself and ran to near the 18 yard before missing on the right.-

Marco Farrell was among a lot of the action and near the end of the half he was part of a sharp – four-pass string being put together giving Josh DeVoogel a near chance. College hadn’t often threatened with keeper Henry Wines only being called upon to read the play for pick-ups.

We looked more dangerous in the second half with Josh getting on the end of a number of through balls as well as some in close passing getting us into the 18 yard. Josh fired off a number of shots, unlucky on the left, giving a chance to Ben Hutchins inside the box, before he was able to break the defence and score in a rush of players descending on the keeper.-

He scored another but was adjudged offside and we looked to be all over them. Jack Reinhardt added some spark off the left side and gave us an extra target but College continued to frustrate us with quick closure.-

They were causing us growing concern with forward incursions and Henry Wines flew for a good save but the corner was not cleared (College had many taller players in the box) and the ball was given to an outside player whose shot was accurate for an equaliser.-

Brandon Lauton had been the most significant – player in the half but he was on the end of a poor tackle which resulted in a red card. –

James King had a chance for a late sealer but hit it heavy on the lunge, and then in the last play they gained a corner.-

For the second time we looked vulnerable to the high ball and they set up for a header to seal the game on the whistle.