1st XI Soccer report – May 20, 2015

May 20, 2015


GOALS – Jake Selby 3, Jack Gaffney

BEST – – – Jake Selby, Brandon Lauton, Trent Moodley, Brayden Baker, Will McLoughlin, Oliver Janssens, Leighton Parkinson

Trent Moodley was on fire early and looked like he could take the game by the scruff of the neck in the first four flourishes towards our goals -“ very unlucky not to deliver our first goal. Our backline was a little shaky due to the blistering pace of their forwards (mainly immigrants of Hazara origin). We were making mistakes in not passing the ball firmly enough -“ really struggling with the bounciness and slowness of the pitch with Jake Selby and Miles Baker being found out on a number of occasions. Miles still was the first to set up a strong forward passage via sideways vision allowing Trent to smash one at the goals bringing a top safe from the opposition keeper. – Jake Selby also tried to shake himself from the doldrums and unleashed a powerful 40 metre attempt after a quick cross opened up their back defence. Miles again sharked a defensive pass and his effort was just over the top.-

Suddenly we were on the back foot as their pace was of telling effect across the park: Henry saved a 1 on 1 underneath his body; Brayden Baker was required to clear with strong headers high attacks on our goals; and Will McLoughlin was reading the play very well at central back to return some dangerous movements. Henry’s returns into play were being picked off by their speedy responses and on occasion when we took the backward throw in we were astounded by them picking us off. We held though and Billy Munter had a late chance off Jack Gaffney’s corner before the half time.

Their pressure at us finally paid off and they scored after we lost an easy possession in our forward line which quickly was turned to their advantage with a corner chance. This was cleared high but the ball was pounced upon and they delivered what was due reward for their efforts with Henry Wines – trying to close on the near post and defenders spread across the line (0-1).

Brandon Lauton was perhaps the catalyst for the change in the game but observers would have perceived a slight slowing and more ragged approach from the Mt Clear opposition as the second half drew on. Brandon took on 4 or 5 defenders and was only stopped at the last but the rebound came to Jake Selby 25 metres out on our left, who placed a masterly ball over the keeper for the equaliser (1-1). Brandon again worked well this time with Leighton Parkinson to give the ball to Jack who was working well with Jake Selby on the left wing. The corner found its way to the centre of the pitch where Jake sized up from over 40 metres and put it uncontested by the keeper in the far right for a top drive (2-1).

Suddenly the game was over as a contest but Oliver Janssens was called upon for another clean up at the back and it quickly got to Jake again with him delivering his hat trick with another strong drive from closer in this time (3-1). Will McLoughlin continued to show good defensive reading of the game at the central back position and for the finale, Jake Selby gave the assist pass to Jack Gaffney who pushed his way forward and found the space to fire it past their keeper for our fourth (4-1