1st XI Soccer report – SPC v BGS

June 15, 2016

St Patrick’s 1st XI 6 defeated Ballarat Grammar 2

GOALS: Jake Selby 3, Jack Gaffney 2, Trent Moodley-

BEST: Miles Baker, Jake Selby, Dennis Wanjiku, Trent Moodley, Josh de Voogel

Grammar had some players of high ability in Huggett, Mullins and others but St Patrick’s Seniors played near perfect soccer to wipe them away on our home pitch in this encounter.-

It was a remarkable first goal via Jack Gaffney appearing in the centre of the pitch and snaking the ball away from the encounter, sliding through three close encounters and then bursting forward 25 metres before poking the ball under the keeper’s legs for our first core. This had come out of the blue somewhat but St Pats hadn’t been idle in that first ten or so minutes. Miles Baker had been electric in wresting control off their main player in the centre with hassling possession of his bigger body through annoying persistence. His delivery had given us a number of real chances through attacks from Trent Moodley, Mitch Ralston and Josh de Voogel but each had threatened but their defense was present. However, Jack’s pure brilliance was enough to break the shackles.

Dennis Wanjiku looked comfortable at his new spot in back left and his recovery off their formidable striker Huggett saw a strong chance to Trent up front. Josh de Voogel hit the bar with a strong drive and Brayden Baker in his customary dominance as defensive midfield was taking the ball off their centres and he gave to Ben Hutchins who went very close.

The fluidity that was evolving through our centre players was evident as Miles received on the attacking side of centre and went deep himself to the left before putting in a searching cross over the face of the goals with Trent able to tap in from point blank for our second.

Jake Selby had lost the ball on a couple of drives off the right wing but now into the game he was causing all sort of trouble to their defense. On this occasion he ran it in and gave Ben Hutchins a shot which was rebounded ion a scramble to just outside the six yards. – Here the ball was easy pickings for Jack Gaffney who gave the keeper no chance.

The second half started with a rare chance given to Miles Baker who just missed to the left. Brandon Lauton did a long run from defense down the left flank and into our scoring zone, only to lose possession. Their defender popped it clear of the line allowing Huggett to run onto the ball and at Henry Wines with no support and he made their first score 3-1.

They scored again when we failed to stand up to their forward run and they had closed to within a goal at 3-2. However, there was little reason or time to surmise a turn up as off the kick off Jake Selby won possession on the left flank. He ran between two defenders, spinning a circle before running the ball forward and into the 18 yards with his shot to the left of the keeper leaving him helpless 4-2.-

The next goal was an anti-climax as Jake was played in this time by Ben Hutchins making a selfless call to put it sideways and it was easy pickings for his second 5-2. The show wasn’t complete though as Jake Selby got a third in quick time as he repeated his little dance moving from left to the far right side before isolating the keeper and putting on a strong strike for his third. It could have been more but he missed the easy one which arrived soon after, completing a scintillating 15 minutes of power forward play.

Mitch Ralston worked hard into the top right before centering the ball for Jack Gaffney to set up a scissor kick for a close enough attempt. Henry Wines at the other end should not be forgotten because he made the score sheet stay as was with three expert and athletic saves off strong Grammar shots.

We have the semester break before two minor matches leading into a semifinal and then hopefully a BAS Grand Final during July. The team is playing with great confidence and awareness of each other’s strengths. Parents are encouraged to attend for the remaining four matches if at all possible.