1st XI Soccer – SPC d SPC Green

June 22, 2017

St Patrick’s 4 defeated St Patrick’s Green 0

GOALS: Lachlan Wright 2, Alex Worthington, James King

BEST: Josh DeVoogel, Tiernan Sommers, James King, Talan Flockhart, Marcus Parini, Darby Gaffney, Alex Baker, Ryan Schorback, Lachlan Wright

Daunting for some of the SPC Green team to turn up to this match, but enough did and they were impressive. It was not a run through type of game and every goal for the SPC Seniors was well earned. While a whistle was being gathered the Seniors scored and it was said that James King was paramount in the action. Talan Flockhart crossed into the box but Jack Worthington cleared, but on the volley James King smashed the delivery and it ricocheted off defender and post before going in. Again a good piece of defense by Beau Ryan but a loose ball was gathered by Josh de Voogel who retook control near the centre and passed out. Darby Gaffney hit a one touch into the danger area straight to Lachlan Wright and he finished it off from close in. SPC Seniors continued to drive the ball forward but stout defense by Beau and Jack Worthington kept repelling the Seniors attempts. The other key factor was the performance by the on loan keeper in Tiernan Sommers who was coming forward to thwart many chances before they could build. He continued to relieve the pressure off the backs throughout the game, bringing off some well-timed grabs plus great in close stoppers. However, at one stage he came out unheralded and Patrick McGoldrick went for the safe back pass header only to see Tiernan next to him. Fortunately, the ball slid past the open goal mouth for a corner.

James King was showing enormous strength off the back right for the Seniors and he was blanketing their dangerous forward in Jordan Alexander. In the centre Alex Baker and Josh de Voogel were dominating possession with Marcus Parini and Talan Flockhart showing poise and pace around the flanks. The Celtic hoops gained a free kick 40 metres out when Lachie Britt drew a foul through his pace and perseverance. Mitch Ralston decided to go for broke and hit a strong drive towards the top right of the goals, but Ryan Schorback was up to the task with a clean save. Talan Flockhart looked the most likely as he zig- zagged his way through the defense and got the shot off under pressure but thwarted by Tiernan in goals.

Rui Costa and Nils Nilwiset developed a dangerous buildup but were stopped by Ryan Schorback after Nils intercepted a back pass that didn’t hit the target. Ryan again halted a Rui attempt form close in and at the opposite end it was again the keepers saving with a double save from Tiernan Sommers in goals against a Mitch Ralston attack and then a drive from Lachlan Wright. St Patrick’s Seniors were on top but couldn’t score when Mitch Ralston set up Alex Worthington directly in front but again Tiernan saved his shot from 4 metres away. Beau Ryan and Nils were again creating danger for SPC Green as they drew a free kick within range. This 15 minute period had spelt trouble for the Seniors and Green were unlucky not to score.

Lachlan Wright centred the ball with along and direct pass to Alex Worthington, whose quick side step gave him a sighter and he put our third goal in neatly to the keeper’s left side. Green’s Jyle Hamilton was coming into the game for Green and he made a great run down the right flank and put a strong shot on goals. Tiernan tapped a chance over the top from a high shot and Patrick McGoldrick teamed with Jordan Armstrong to win a corner. The final score came when Alex Worthington’s powerful shot was saved but Lachlan Wright cleaned up the spill.

An entertaining game and the best performance seen by a Second’s team leaves them with options after the break. The Seniors will come back to their two big matches for the season in the first week back July 19th College Red and then final match before finals July 26th Grammar.