1st XI Soccer – SPC v BCC Black

May 18, 2016


St Patrick’s Seniors 2 defeated Ballarat Clarendon College Black 0

GOALS: Marco Farrell, Mitch Ralston

BEST: Brandon Lauton, Marco Farrell, Brayden Baker, Jude Jeandet, Josh de Voogel, Mitch Ralston

This was a disappointing result in as far as we did not achieve the comprehensive victory that was possible against College’s Seconds.-

We dominated the match and they hardly troubled our defense -“ probably only passing the centre line with any real intent on a half dozen times.-

However, we could not break through their stubborn heavy laden defensive structure enough to really hurt the score line.-

Having said that, the result was never in doubt with the St Patrick’s team doing enough to secure a comfortable 2-nil win.

Mitch Ralston was the first to offer a real chance with a wide drive ending in a centering kick which Trent Moodley could not quite angle correctly.-

Brandon Lauton ran through traffic on the left and passed directly to Jack Gaffney who set up Brayden Baker and the shot went over the top.-

Jack had two sharp shots on goals but both times he found the keeper while Brayden who was playing forward had two more shots himself, but we remained off target.

Jake Selby gave us a corner and resulting chance by running deep into their defense and drawing an error.-

Trent Moodley gathered a long pass and expertly set up another chance but Jake put it high.-

Marco Farrell was cutting through their lines and he put in a top ball with Jack Gaffney’s missing by not much.-

These two teamed again in a spectacular way to secure our first goal -“ 1-2-3-4 close passing through a run from the centre allowing Marco to have plenty of room on the keeper’s right side 1-0.

Mitch Ralston again looked dangerous with two shots before Jack went down from a rigorous clash with their keeper -“ resulting in a card for his startled reaction.

The second half saw more of the same with their deep set defensive line proving difficult to penetrate. Marco Farrell walked through their central players and drew a corner. – Brayden Baker had a number of near misses while our defense of Jude Jeandet, Ben Parish and keeper Henry Wines took all the sting out of any of their forays with clear and decisive clearances. Josh de Voogel made a number of deep runs and gave good service to the box but we couldn’t connect.

Our second goal came from a period of outstanding play from Brandon Lauton who ran the ball on – a number of occasions from the wing into the central zone, bye passing their defensive efforts and finally putting a ball across the goals allowing Mitch Ralston to tap (or smother) it in from close range.-