1st XI Soccer – SPC v BGS – August 7, 2019

August 8, 2019

St Patrick Senior’s 5 defeated Grammar 0

GOALS: Alex Baker 2, Jordan Armstrong 2, Alex Pituch

BEST: Alex Baker, Connor Gaffney, Jordan Armstrong, Jordan Lauton, Patrick Heagney, Maxx Hofler, Tyson Strachan, Nathan Delvescovo

Kale Huggett made a great run down the right wing and crossed into the danger area with first Alex Baker and then Maxx Hofler getting close to scoring. Alex continued his strong work through the centre and dummied a few before the old one-two with Jordan Armstrong produced the first goal with Alex inside the deadly distance to the keeper. Maxx carried the ball down the left and centred into the danger zone with Jordan Armstrong at full stretch getting enough on it for our second goal in quick succession.

We applied more pressure and our third came quickly with Alex Baker being given a chance through the centre of the attacking area and he made no mistake with a deft touch into the vacant goals. Patrick Heagney gained control defensive of the centre line but was able to run the ball straight through their centre players before picking out Nils Nilwiset who headed expertly onto Kale Huggett. His shot was on target and he drew an excellent save hard to the right by the Grammar keeper. Jordan Lauton rocked the left upright with a quick turn around off an errant defender.

A most remarkable thing then happened. After Jordan Armstrong apparently had drawn a foul off their keeper who picked up the ball cleanly while crashing into Jordan -“ the referee pointed to the spot for a penalty. After localised discussion, the referee drew a video replay which led to a disputed call by the -‘technical angels’ and the ball was given to the keeper for a clearing kick. It was all happening but with the game was well put to bed, despite an uninspiring finish to the half.

The second half saw Grammar lift with their classier players having much of the ball. Hugh Delvescovo and Brandon Rackic were playing well on their wings. Brandon nearly scored from an acute angle but it was saved. Ambrose Haddon played well in goals being notable with two saves against their counter attacks. Alex Pituch showing great speed to lead their defense after a long kick out from Ambrose was hurried on down the flank and with an excellent sidestep of the keeper by Alex he finished for 4-0.

When the starting team was reassembled though we again took ascendency and made a number of further attacks with Nils putting on a close header from deep inside and Alex Baker driving a smashing ball just over the top bar. Tyson Strachan and Patrick Heagney were clean at the back and Jordan stopped a defensive move, turned two before finding Alex, but he was covered.

Our final goal came after Connor Gaffney again used the width from defense to find Maxx and he crossed centrally to Alex. He gave off to a forward moving Jordan and he was able to clear the defense and complete his second goal to give us the 5-0 win.

St Patrick Green 3 def Ballarat High School 0 (on walkover)