1st XI soccer – SPC v Mt Clear: May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016


St Patrick’s 1st XI 10 defeated Mt Clear 1

GOALS: Jake Selby 3, Ben Hutchins 3, Jack Gaffney 2, Trent Moodley 1, Miles Baker 1

BEST: Miles Baker, Trent Moodley, Jack Gaffney, Marco Farrell, Jake Selby, Brayden Baker,-

Dennis Wanjiku, Ben Hutchins

A fast break from the centre via Miles Baker set the scene for the match as his forward thrust was flicked by Jack Gaffney to Ben Hutchins who would have scored except for the desperate defense drawing a corner.

Defender Ben Parish added height for the kick in and he made a complicated over the leg shot which threatened but went over the bar.-

Marco Farrell was able to clear in impeccable style and tore through the centre from his defensive position -“ adding threat to Mt Clear.-

Miles Baker topped their defense with a high ball that put pressure on their keeper who fumbled as Trent Moodley charged, the ball was squeezed out and Trent had no trouble rounding the prone keeper for our first 1-0.

Miles took a corner and found Brayden Baker alone forward of their defense.-

Rather than take a shot, he found the unmarked Ben Hutchins who surely placed his header into the back of the goals for our second 2-0.-

Shortly afterwards Miles Baker put an innocuous shot squarely on the keeper and he allowed it to slip through for another 3-0.-

After a good build down the right side via Marco and James de Voogel, Trent Moodley took the ball deep in attack.-

He passed through the six-yard box to the opposite side where Jake Selby appeared and was able to neatly place the ball in the exposed goals 4-0.-

The game was gone as a contest and just before half time Jake gained another possession outside the 18-yard and steered a deliberate strike inside the keeper to finish the half at 5-0.

Mount Clear had made some dangerous moves but our backline of Ben Parish, Jude Jeandet and Marco Farrell had been well up to the task and early forages into their attack were again foiled by sublime work from Ben Parish and his lieutenants.

Trent Moodley moved into attack and he beat two with great skill on the ball to send it forward.

Jack Gaffney received and double goosed a number of Mt Clear defenders before slithering the ball slowly wide of the keeper into the far corner for his first 6-0.-

Tom Lannen had changed sides to help out the short numbered opponents and he made a cameo run as their goalie clearing their danger.-

However, his efforts were not enough to stop our forward dangers.-

Dennis Wanjiku spied Ben Hutchins alone and delivered allowing him time to set up and clinically finish, 7-0.-

Our keeper Henry Wines was doubtfully penalised in a one-on-one duel and they scored from the spot, 7-1.-

However, in return Dennis Wanjiku repeated his previous gifting to Ben Hutchins 8-1 before Jake Selby unleashed a 25 metre bullet for 9-1 and the final score saw Jack Gaffney gain a deserved second goal when he appeared to walk through a line of desperate defenders that couldn’t seem to touch his approach, 10-1.

This was a comprehensive win to start the season and the squad appears intent on keeping the effort up throughout this season to wipe away last year’s disappointment in the BAS Final.