2014 Chris Nolan Awards

February 22, 2015

The 2015 Academic Assembly included the presentation of the 2014 Semester Two Chris Nolan Awards.-

The Chris Nolan Awards were established in 2008 to acknowledge the academic excellence of individual students.-

To receive a Chris Nolan Award, a boy must be in the top 15% of his year level. The 15% is determined by the aggregation of all semester results (including exams and all reported assessment items).

Chris graduated from St Patrick’s College in 1985 as College Captain. He completed his Law Degree at Monash University and went on to practice law in Vietnam. Chris was highly respected by all for his commitment and enthusiasm to all aspects of College life and demonstrated his intelligence and ingenuity shortly after leaving St Patrick’s as one of the co-founders of the highly acclaimed Meredith Music Festival. After several years in Vietnam, Chris tragically acquired severe brain injuries from a viral infection leading to total organ failure. Chris is profoundly disabled physically and in his communication systems. With the strong and unconditional support of his family and friends, Chris has continued to fight against these disabilities and has developed various means of communication and is now the face for those developing awareness of and the fight for young people requiring care in nursing homes.

As a student at the College, Chris regularly achieved strong academic results and in his final year he was awarded:

– – – – – – – the Headmaster’s Award for Leadership

– – – – – – – the History Prize

– – – – – – – the Sir Hugh Devine Prize for Impromptu Speech

– – – – – – – a W.T. Doyle Prize for Debating

– – – – – – – the 1st XI Cricket Bowling Award

In his time at St Patrick’s, Chris clearly exemplified the pursuit of excellence across a range of our important educational programmes and activities.

2014 Chris Nolan Award Recipients

– Year 7 students

Connor Allan

Sean Antrobus

Joel Azzopardi

Lachlan Black

Justin Bleicher

Kyle Borg

Hamish Britt

Xavier Brodie

Jack Cameron

Matthew Catterson

Jeremy Chivers

Jett Currie

Matthew Duffy

Kai Duncan

Owen Ellerton-

Marcus Evans

Hugo Ferguson

Fraser Gibson

Cooper Gillett

Broden Haintz

Aidan Hanrahan

Matthew Harbour

Dyami Hayes

Adam Hedger

William Henderson

Ignatius Holland

Hayden Irvin

Alexander Kirby

Tristan Knight-

Charlie Martin

Mitchell McKee

Seamus Murphy-McKay

Mitchell Nicholson

Jack Parente

Jacob Pawlowicz

William Peucker

Mitchell Phillips

Oscar Pryor

Caleb Reilly

Mark Ritchie

Brayden Sands

Max Scoble

Connor Shugg

Aiden Stuchbery

Marcus Tilley

Hugh Valpied

Damian Van Gaans

Colby Veal

William Walker

Thomas Walters

James Wilson

Enrico Yu

Year 8 students

Jayden Ashmore

Paul Brown

Matthew Butler

Joel Cadman

Thomas Caldwell

Samuel Canny

Bradley Castleman

James Crilly

Jack Deane

Lachlan DeVries

Clancy Dickson

Thomas Dunne

Joshua Findlay

Joel Fitzgerald

Declan Gannon

Nicholas Gaylor

Samuel Geddes

Dwight Gladman

Casey Haseloff

Quinten Henderson

Edan Huggett

Jude Jeandet

Damian Johnson

Jesse Jury

Jesse Keem

Kieran Keogh

Elliott Lamb

Blake Lim

Fletcher Loader

Emmet Macklin

Samuel McCrum

Will McLoughlin

Ryan Mulheron

Emmett Murphy

Charles Nimmo

Jacob Nolan

Henry North

Dean O’Brien

Xavier O’Shea

Briley Patullo

Simon Porter

Dil Shah

Fraser Shillington

Shilo Smith

Marlin Staley

Zac Stinchcombe

Lachlan Suttie

Nathan Suttie

Jack Tuohey

Harry Turner

Darcy Waller

Samuel Williams

Year 9 students

Joshua Allen

Joel Batchelor

Tyrone Baynes

Brendan Bell

Zachary Britt

Nicholas Carta

Timothy Collier

Lachlan Conlan

Austin Constable

Samuel Coxall

Jake Curran

James Curran

Corey Davie

Kali Dawborn

Joshua DeVoogel

Ryan Dewar

Joseph Dodd

James Duffy

Joshua Duggan

Max Edwards

Nicholas Elliott

Mitchell Fowler

Lachlan Frawley

Lachlan Furlong

Jack Gaffney

Jordan Grant

Declan Hanrahan

Bailey Holloway

Thomas Hughes

Jack Lalor

Jonathan Lansdown

Brandon Lauton

Jeremy Learmonth

Thomas Millard

Brady Mulheron

Harrison Murphy

Tom O’Keane

Brandon Pryor

Lachlan Reynolds

Devlin Russell

Benjamin Simmons

Tiernan Somers

Cameron Spedding

Nicholas Stuhldreier

Caelan Thompson

Hayden Thompson

Mitchell Tuddenham

James Wait

Henry Ward

Corey White

Matthew Whiteford

Year 10 students

Cameron Adams

John Brodie

Andrew Brown

Thomas Chatterjee

Patrick Cooper

Nathaniel Corboy

Hasker Dawborn

Declan Dickson

Bailey Dodd

Thomas Evans

Patrick Fairhead

Brandon Falland

Jarrod Gillingham

Liam Haintz

Tynan C Haintz

Troy Keem

Glyn Kendall

Patrick Keogh

Brock Leonard

Timothy Liston

Harrison Loader

Dallas Martin

Liam McAdie

Luke McGill

Emerson McMaster

Samuel McMaster

Alexander Mooney

Connor Murphy

Riley Murphy

David O’Doherty

Liam O’Shea

James Parini

Lleyton Pigott

Alex Porter

Lachlan Ralston

Alexander Richardson

Padraic Ryan

Thomas Ryan

Samuel Short

Callum Smith

Duncan Spedding

Andrew Spratling

Riley Stephens

William Sullivan

Samuel Taranto

Joshua Taylor

Bradley Tuohey

Harrison Waters

Sam White

Patrick Willis

Henry Wines

Matthew Wong

Luke Wynd

Year 11 students

Stuart Aberdein

Shaun Ainley

Nicholas Anokye

Sean Bourke

William Briggs

Mitchell Canny

Patrick Collier

Jacob Coxall

Samuel Cranage

Thomas Evans

James Everett

Nicholas Frawley

Lachlan Fuller

Kelsey Gannon

Evan Green

Callum Holland

Jacob Hopper

William Jury

Christopher Kan

Jake Leontiew

Abraham Lewis

Lachlan McIntyre

James McKinnon

Samuel Mewett

Campbell Milne

Cameron Pither

Jordan Purcell

Jarman Reid

Ryan Ringin

Joshua Rix

Thomas Schreenan

Leigh Spiteri

Mitchell Steele

Adam Stevens

Zac Ticehurst

Thomas Wakefield

Year 12 students

David Adams

Daniel Butler

Hamish Clydesdale

Bradley DeVries

Tynan Drought

Mitchell Ellis

Jack Ferguson

Jake Fernandez

Liam Hanrahan

Liam Jess

Michael Kan

Thomas Keogh

Matthew Lakey

Joshua Leviston

Benjamin Martin

Alexander Martino

Thomas McMaster

Thomas Mooney

Joshua O’Brien

Daniel Phyland

Nicholas Powell

Louis Powlett

Darcy Preston

Harrison Robertson

Samuel Romeril

Martin Ryan

Michael Snaith

Ryley Stuhldreier

Linus Tolliday

Aidan Willowhite

Samuel Wines