2015 College Dux announced

December 13, 2015

Paddy Collier has been announced as the Dux of St Patrick’s College for 2015 after the release of today’s ATAR scores.

Paddy recorded an incredible ATAR score of 99.90, ranking him in the top 70 students from across Victoria and as the best performing male student in the Ballarat region.

In a day of extremely pleasing results for St Patrick’s College, Paddy’s result only narrowly surpassed that of his friend Will Briggs who recorded an ATAR of 99.30.

In all, ten students from St Patrick’s College received scores of above 90 while a further 26 recorded an ATAR above 80.

Several of the College’s top performers who received ATAR scores above 90 gathered at lunchtime today. They were: Paddy Collier (99.90), Will Briggs (99.30), Kelsey Gannon (98.45), Christopher Kan (98.4), Mitchell Canny (95.1) and Callum Holland (92.55).

We done boys and best of luck for the future!