2017 BAS 2nd XVIII Grand Final

July 25, 2017

SPC Green 9 -“ 8 – 62 Defeated SPC White 7 – -“ 6 -“ 48

Best Players SPC Green: Robbie Emerson-Jones, Rylan Porter, Sam Bowen, Tom O’Keane

Goals SPC Green: R. Emerson-Jones 2, M. McGrath, R. Porter, T. O’Keane, J. Learmonth, S. Bowen, M. Judd, D. O’Brien 1

Best Players SPC White: Cooper Craig-Peters, Zac Grant, Mitch Phillips, Ben Dodd, Jai Dodemaide, Brayden Jones

Goals SPC White: Z. Grant 3, B. Dodd 2, J. Canny, C. Ascough 1

Once again two SPC teams faced off in the 2nd XVIII Grand Final showcasing the strength of the football program here at the school, this time it was SPC Green vs the Year 10 SPC White side. SPC Green went into the game confident having beaten them earlier in the year, but it was the White side that got off to a quick start with the help of a strong breeze kicking 3 goals to 1 in the first quarter off the back of some slick play from Zac Grant and Ben Dodd.

SPC Green bounced back in the 2nd, using the breeze to their advantage kicking 4 goals to one on the back of some strong ruck work from Sam Bowen who also chipped in with a goal of his own. The Year 10 SPC White time moved the ball well from defense to attack but just couldn’t capitalize in the 3rd quarter as their opposition were able to match them on the scoreboard and were confident being a goal up going into the last quarter.

It was always going to be hard for SPC White to win from here but they worked hard and had their chances in the last quarter thanks to the likes of Mitch Phillips and Cooper Craig-Peters who were fantastic all game. In the end it was the older heads of Emerson-Jones, Porter and O’Keane who were able to outplay their opponents and hold on for a great win.

Congrats on the year boys, another successful 2nd XVIII season with all SPC teams doing incredibly well.

Jarrett Giampaolo

SPC Green Coach