2017 BAS Soccer – SPC d BCC Black

May 25, 2017

St Patrick’s College 13 defeated Ballarat College Black 0

GOALS: Lachlan Wright 3, Talan Flockhart 3, Tiernan Sommers 2, Mitch Ralston 2, Josh de Voogel, Darby Gaffney, Jude Jeandet

BEST: Mitch Ralston, Josh DeVoogel, Talan Flockhart, Lachlan Wright, Alex Baker, Jack Gaffney, Alex Worthington

A strong start to the BAS season saw St Patrick’s Seniors outclass College’s Seconds with 13 goals to nil.

It began with Jack Gaffney taking control as centre forward and sending the ball to an available Alex Worthington on the right flank.

His cross into the danger area was met by a grateful Lachlan Wright for a clean header to the left.

Alex continued his fine delivery with the second coming off the right side again as he popped the ball over the defenders allowing Lachlan to size up and deliver a strong drive left of the keeper for his second.

Josh de Voogel took a corner that was met by the clear and present danger of Mitch Ralston for a clean header.

Josh was involved again with the next with neat footwork pulling the ball back from the defenders and sliding to their left before he delivered a strong drive from outside the box.

Alex Baker had been running through the centre and with Mitch Ralston and Josh de Voogel we were clearly in control of the game.-

James King was proving to be one of our dominant backline with Jude Jeandet and Dennis Wanjiku and when danger arrived, safety was due to an excellent reading of the game and their quick recovery in turning away danger.

James kicked a long ball to find Mitch Ralston wide and his delivery was spot onto the danger spot with Lachlan tapping in his third.

Jack Gaffney made a strong run to gain the ball, held off the defense and flicked the ball to Henry Ward.

Henry held the ball and gave off after making a quick back step to Mitch Ralston, who shot it hard and high and the keeper only managed to deflect it over his head into the goals.

Jack Gaffney gathered a ball in the centre and crossed it to the left as Tiernan Sommers arrived.

He went around a defender before delivering a strong drive with his left for a neat finish at 7-0 before half time.

The first half had been dominated by slick passing and accurate finishing -“ an impressive start.

We gained a corner and Tiernan Sommers scored his second inside the 18 yards, this time with his right foot shot.

Marcus Parini ran the ball deep before a College defender stopped it against the line, Marcus sharked it back and centred it neatly to Darby Gaffney who hit the ball strongly for his first.

Josh de Voogel set up two more opportunities but they were missed one allowing the aerial skills of Jack Gaffney to show out.

Jude Jeandet managed to get forward and urged on he made a shot into the scoring area with a big deflection by College coughing up another goal.

Jude took a corner and crossed the goals with Dennis Wanjiku miscuing a shot, but Talan Flockhart picked it off at the back for his first.

These two were again involved with Dennis picking out Talan with an excellent long ball from defense and Talan gained a clear run at the goals for his second.

On fire, Talan also ran onto a classy clip over the defence by Josh de Voogel and he scored our last and lucky thirteenth.