2018-19 Bushfire Preparedness Notice

September 19, 2018

Important announcement in preparation for our upcoming bushfire season

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we enter the bushfire season for another year it is important that the guidelines regarding school arrangements for CODE RED days, Total Fire Ban days and bushfire alert days are clearly articulated to all parents.

  1. Any school listed on the DEECD (Department of Education) Bushfire at Risk Register (BARR) will not open on Code Red Days, meaning buses that service these schools will have no need to operate.

  1. St Patrick’s College has not been identified as being at high fire risk on the Department of Education’s BARR Register, and as such it will remain OPEN on a CODE RED day unless in the unlikely event that it is directly threatened by fire.

  1. A bus service that drives through an area deemed at high risk on a CODE RED day (e.g. Enfield State Forest), will not operate, regardless of where a student lives or which school they attend.

  1. On a CODE RED day, parents are asked to ensure students who are remaining at home because their bus is not running are never left at home unattended or in the care of older children.

  1. If a fire starts during the day that affects a bus route home, the College will be notified by the Regional Bus Coordinator. It may be possible that students are not permitted to travel home on the bus in such a situation. St Patrick’s College will ensure that Parents are notified if this occurs, and students will be cared for at the college until safe transportation home is arranged.

  1. Once a day is declared a CODE RED Day, the day will remain a CODE RED day regardless of any weather changes that occur during the day.

  1. In addition to the above Bus related information, please also be advised that while St Patrick’s College has not been identified as being at high fire risk, we do plan offsite activities -“ such as camps and field trips -“ during the fire season. If such activities are considered to be at risk from fire, or occur on a Total Fire Ban day-they will be rescheduled or cancelled.

  1. If your child is old enough, talk to them about bushfires and your family’s bushfire survival plan -“ particularly if you are planning day trips or holidays to fire-prone areas.

  1. Please feel free to contact the College if you require further advice or information.

Yours sincerely,

John Crowley