2019 OCA Christmas lunch

December 12, 2019

The St Patrick’s College Old Collegians Association (OCA) was delighted to host its inaugural Christmas lunch for some of our older alumni this week.

Following on from the success of the inaugural Winter Warmer lunch in June, which aims to reconnect Old Collegians in their 70s and 80s, the OCA once again gathered at the Golden City Hotel on Tuesday, December 10 for a great social gathering.

Nearly 30 Old Collegians attended the function, enjoying some great food and reliving their memories from decades ago.

While most of the attendees were from Ballarat, we were delighted that some had made a specific trip up from Melbourne to attend.

We make particular note of Robert Davies (SPC 1952-53) who lives in Canberra and was holidaying in Melbourne. He was delighted to be able to come from Melbourne to Ballarat with close mate Brian O’Loughlin (SPC 1952-53) where they were able to reconvene with Dr Kevin Shannon (SPC 1952-54) who had made the trip up from Geelong to attend.

It was a particularly joyful reunion for Robert and Kevin as Kevin’s was Robert’s best man more than 60 years ago.

We trust all who attended enjoyed the function and will look forward to more such lunches in 2020.

Anyone wishing to be included on the invite list for these functions is urged to contact Alumni Officer Lorrie Liston on 5322 4442 or email lliston@stpats.vic.edu.au

Old Collegians gather at the Golden City Hotel for the 2019 Christmas lunch.

Chris Haintz (SPC 1945-50), left, chats with Dr Kevin Shannon (SPC 1952-54) and Robert Davies (SPC 1952-53).

Peter Howley (SPC 1963-66) reminisces with Brendan Liston (SPC 1961-66).

Trevor Haintz (SPC 1951-60), left, and Jock Lardner (SPC 1955-59) remember old times.

Ross Muller (SPC 1953-54) and Brian O’Loughlin (SPC 1952-53) enjoyed the Christmas lunch.

Former Headmaster Dr Peter Casey attended the lunch and caught up with Daryl Teschendorf (SPC 1963).

Fr Dan Arundell (SPC 1945-48) dined with John Croft (SPC 1940-47) who had made the trip up from Melbourne with his daughter to attend.

Jack Keating (SPC 1955-57) and Kevin Humphrey (SPC 1949-50) attended the lunch.

Graeme Keating (SPC 1959-61, PY1964) attended the Winter Warmers lunch earlier in the year and then also came to the Christmas dinner.