2019 SPC Tour of Ireland – Day 8 Derry and Maghera

April 10, 2019

On the bus early, we travelled for an hour before we descended on a roadside inn for breakfast. The proprietors had never served so much breakfast to so many in such a short time. They did a marvellous job and congratulated themselves by clapping and cheering after the final service. Hunger sated, we drove north past the majestic Benbulbin, part of the Dartry Mountains, to the village of Donegal where we had a quick shopping stop to spend our Euros before we entered Northern Ireland. We encouraged the boys to convert their euros to pounds in London but that it might be a good idea to spend their coins.

We arrived in Derry for a tour of the old walls and murals. The boys were confronted with the notion of marking territory with loyalist or Irish colours. Initially they were unable to grasp the concept of the troubles and the issues which led to the activities of the IRA; however, our tour guides led us through the town and explained the significance of the murals, the old walls, the painted roadside curbs and most importantly the peace mural.

From Derry we headed out to the Owenbeg GAA Centre for Excellence where Chris Collins warmly welcomed us and showed us through the impressive facility. The boys enthusiastically embraced training that included a strength and conditioning session.

Our accommodation is a converted rectory set in the picturesque Maghera countryside. Following a game of basketball at St Patrick’s in Maghera, the boys were ready to have an early night in preparation for tomorrow’s match.

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