2019 Staff Farewells

December 13, 2019

The conclusion of each school year not only means we say farewell to many students, but also some staff members.

Each year’s end is met with a tinge of sadness when staff members, teachers and non-teachers, conclude their time at St Patrick’s College and prepare for their next challenge in life.

Some of these people may have only been a part of our community for a short time, while others have been with us for many years, sometimes even decades. Yet each has contributed greatly to the unfolding story that is St Patrick’s College.

Today, staff gathered for their annual Christmas lunch at which emotional farewells were granted to those staff members who have helped us raise fine boys to the status of great men.

In so many ways, some never noticed, some profound, these staff members have made St Patrick’s College what it is and for that, we thank them.

Departing staff that have been acknowledged this week include:

  • Long time maths teacher and Year Level Co-ordinator Peter Brady, who is retiring after 19 years at the College;
  • Director of ICT Stuart Lethbridge after 15 years;
  • VCE Co-ordinator and maths and science teacher Mark O’Loughlan after 12 years;
  • Technology teacher David Carpenter after five years;
  • Business Management VCE teacher Nic Joosten after five years;
  • English and RE teacher Michael Goss after one year (although Michael has previously completed separate teaching stints in the past at St Patrick’s);
  • English teacher Kate Brusamarello after one year;
  • Trainees Tom Clark, Jude Jeandet and Jakob Busscher;
  • Contract staff Nadeera Jayasinghe, Tom Hoy, Suppu Ginesh and Glenis Jarvis.

We thank you all!


Peter Brady

Stuart Lethbridge

Mark O’Loughlan

David Carpenter

Nic Joosten

Michael Goss

Kate Brusamarello

Jude Jeandet

Nic Joosten

Tom Clark