2020 College Captain presents first address to assembly

October 30, 2019

Will Rothe, the incoming 2020 College Captain, presented his first full address to the College Community at the final full school assembly for 2019 which was held in the Br W. T. O’Malley Sports Centre on Tuesday, October 29.

Following is a full transcript of Will’s speech:

“Good morning invited guests, staff and fellow Paddy boys. It is a privilege and honour to stand before you this morning as College Captain for 2020.

Writing this speech, I considered the importance of holding your attention because I’m sure you are as eager to get to recess as I am. To do this, I aim to engage you briefly and definitely not because I only began writing this speech last night.

But in saying that, I believe as a College enriched in excellence and tradition, we must create the best opportunities for ourselves to embrace and appreciate the rest of this 2019 school year. Just take a moment, to reflect on the year that’s been, to think about what you have contributed or achieved for the school community thus far. If nothing comes to mind, which hopefully isn’t the case, consider how you can positively add to the school community for the remainder of 2019 and further leading into the new year. It is never too late to embrace the opportunities this school provides.

Our College, as you know, is built upon 126 years of history, with each student maintaining a sense of pride and belonging that we all experience as Paddy boys. In light of this, I encourage you to be aware of the consequences that can flow from your actions, as it is these actions that will shape and determine our year together next year.

As I reflect on my time so far at the College, I am reminded of the challenges that I faced when I first started here. I remember vividly the apprehension I felt beginning at this daunting but welcoming school. Recognise that the memories you boys develop with your mates and how you treat and enjoy each-others company will stay with you for years to come. Respect and treat each other with kindness and love always.

Furthermore, as a member of the Student Council for 2020, we believe as a collective, to develop and enhance the use of the four houses, but in turn maintain healthy rivalry within. In doing this, we can create a culture that every student of the College can embrace.

We desire to create a bigger anticipation for events such as swimming carnival and athletics day, so each of you boys can feel a sense of motivation and involvement.

Although, it’s not all about winning. I believe our imperfections and failures present great opportunities for growth, as it is from our failures rather than our successes, that we learn the most. Not every day here at the College will be easy. I’ve had many days where things just don’t go my way, whether it be burning my tongue on a hot pie (why so hot Jo???), receiving a mark far short of my expectations (thanks Mr Emerson), or even ripping the “little v” in my jumper for the third time in a week (cheers Wizz and sorry mum). But the way in which you approach life’s most difficult challenges, such as these, will shape your response to the more challenging issues we face once school finishes.

Given this is our last assembly for 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your exams and an enjoyable Christmas break. Thank you, and Ecka Dora!”