2020 St Patrick’s College Downball tournament begins

June 22, 2020

The 2020 Student Council has arranged a College-wide downball tournament for the final week of term 2, with students from all year levels striving to claim the title of downball champion.

Lunch-time matches kicked off today in year level groups after students last week registered their interest to compete.


    1. Matches are first to 8 (have to win by 2)
    2. Rock off to decide who serves first (zingers are allowed).
    3. Whoever wins the point gets to serve the next point
    4. If there is a dispute about a point it gets replayed (or ask Sport staff or student council to help referee)
    5. If there is interference from another game then the point is to be replayed.Matches will continue to be played throughout the week with the finals being played on Thursday afternoon with great prizes on offer.
      Check out some of the action pics from today’s matches in the following gallery.