2020 VCE Visual Arts and Technology Showcase

November 10, 2020

The College’s annual VCE Visual Arts and Technology Showcase exhibition is yet another event victim of the ongoing COVID crisis, meaning our top students are denied the opportunity to present their completed works to family and friends in the OCA Pavilion.

However, we have reimagined the annual Showcase in this digital environment and now invite you to help us determine the winner of the Annual People’s Choice Award for the best student artwork.

Below, you will be able to scroll through a flipbook showcasing 53 student works from the subjects of Systems Engineering, Studio Art, Visual Communication and Design and Product Design and Technology. Throughout the course of the year each student has also completed in-depth folio works to accompany the creation of each piece.

Once you have looked through and been totally amazed by the quality of student work on offer we then ask to you to fill in the form where you can vote for which piece of work is your favourite. (If a Flipbook is not your preferred medium you can always download a pdf of the artworks at this link or a powerpoint at this link).

We thank you in advance for your support and assistance and trust that you will enjoy looking at our top student work from the 2020 VCE Visual and Technology Showcase!


Thanks again for your ongoing support.