2021 International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021

St Patrick’s College is an all boys’ school, founded by the Christian Brothers, an-all male order, who, in turn, were founded by a man, Edmund Rice.

And yet, the role women played in this historic chain of events is of paramount importance and worthy of much celebration on today’s International Women’s Day.

Seven women in particular have been credited with having a massive impact on the life of Blessed Edmund Rice, inspiring and guiding him and helping fulfil his life mission.

Without the impact of these women, St Patrick’s College would not exist today.

On International Women’s Day we acknowledge the amazing contribution of thousands of women to our College over the years. Whether they be staff members, mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends or just incredible avenues of support for our students, we thank you all immensely.

To read about the seven remarkable women who helped shape the life of Edmund Rice please click this link.