2021 Pastoral Care Program: Information for Parents

April 29, 2021

2021 Pastoral Care Program: Information for Parents

The Man Cave – Year 10 Students – this coming Monday

As part of the Year 10 Pastoral Care Program this year, the students will engage in a full day workshop with ‘The Man Cave’. The Man Cave is a relatively new organization whose vision is to create a world in which every man has healthy relationships, contributes to his community and reaches his full potential. The program defines what healthy masculinity looks like in a contemporary world, with a focus on developing respect for women. This will take place this coming Monday May, 3. All Year 10 students are expected to be wearing full winter uniform, with suit coats on.


Please see below a list of all wellbeing events scheduled for the remainder of 2021 – if a date is applicable to your son, can I please ask you to mark this in your calendars for future reference:

May 3  – Year 10 The Man Cave / Student workshops

  • Venue: Pavilion and various spaces across the campus
  • 9am – 3.25pm (All day)

JULY 26Year 7 and 8 Brainstorm Productions

  • Venue: Pavilion
  • Year 7 Session – 9am – 10.30am (Session 2&3)
  • Year 8 – 10.55am – 12.25pm (Session 4&5)

AUGUST 2Year 11 Carmen Road Safety

  • Venue: Pavilion
  • Student Session – 9am – 10.30pm (Session 2&3)

I would encourage all students and parents to fully engage and participate in all of our wellbeing programs on offer, as they are an integral element of our broader mission to educate the whole person.

Kind regards,

Bradley Murray

Pastoral Care Coordinator