2021 Student Council announced

September 15, 2020

2021 College Captain elect Darcy Williams, centre, will be supported by Vice Captains Daniel Lalor, left, and Jack Sheehan.

St Patrick’s College is excited to announce its new student leaders who will fill the crucial roles on the Student Council for 2021.

Deputy Principal Mrs Elizabeth Ryan said she was incredibly impressed by the qualities of candidates who applied for a role as a student leader.

“Following a lengthy selection involving student voting, staff feedback, written applications and interviews it gives me great pleasure to introduce the College community to the 2021 Student Council,” Mrs Ryan said.

To lead the Council will be our College Captain elect, Darcy Williams.

He will be ably supported by Vice Captains elect, Daniel Lalor and Jack Sheehan.

Darcy Williams

Darcy is a day student from Ballarat who joined the College in 2016 in Year 7 after completing his primary school years at Lumen Christi Primary School in Delacombe.

An exceptional triathlete and academic performer, Darcy has also been heavily involved in many aspects of College life such as public speaking, debating and chess. Darcy’s father Damien also attended St Patrick’s College from 1979-1983.

Darcy said he was delighted when informed that he would become the 128th College Captain of the school.

In his written application for the College Captain position Darcy said he wanted his tenure to be “all about making an impact”.

“I want to make an impact on someone else or an impact on the school, which truly inspires and motivates me to wanting to become a leader,” Darcy wrote.

Darcy spoke glowingly on the impact previous College Captains had made on him when he was a younger student and how a fire burns inside him to have the same effect on the Year 7 and 8 students in 2021.

“I say this in reference to myself, to the 12-year-old Darcy Williams that walked through the school gates on his very first day of high school.

“Sitting in assembly thinking, ‘wow, he’s amazing’ to every leader that walked up on stage.

“This admiration for people who lead and succeeded has only grown throughout my time at St Pat’s.

“It started off with the Dux when I was in Year 7, Patrick Collier, who received not only an outstanding ATAR score, but also an impressive average of 91% throughout his time at St Pat’s.

“Right then and there I had a tangible goal (and) I was motivated to try my hardest and be the best version of myself.”

Daniel Lalor also joined the College as a Year 7 student in 2016 as a day student from St Bernard’s Primary School in Bacchus Marsh.

Daniel Lalor

Daniel is the younger brother of Old Collegian Jack (SPC 2012-17) and the older brother of Archie who is in Year 8 and was last year named the captain of the Under 17 Victorian Country Cricket team which competed at the National Championships.

In his application Daniel spoke of his desire to give back to the community.

“I understand that the students at St Patrick’s College come from a range of different backgrounds and bring with them different values and life experiences,” Daniel wrote.

“By being accepting of all I believe I am more open to a richer learning experience.

“I am always grateful for all the opportunities that come my way and believe that it is important to give back to those in need.

“I do this by being approachable and sharing life experiences and building connections with a range of different boys and teachers at the College.”

Jack Sheehan arrived at St Patrick’s College in 2016 as a Year 7 student from St Thomas More Primary School, Alfredton. His father Mick attended St Patrick’s College in 1985 and 1986.

Jack Sheehan

Jack is a keen soccer player and a leader in his local club. As a leading academic performer, Jack represented the College in the Mindshop Excellence Program in 2019.

“My attitude to my own learning has resulted in several academic and sporting awards, which I am happy to have received. These awards were not the end goal, however,” Jack wrote.

“The end goal for me is to develop into a great man, in line with what the College strives to achieve.

“The best use of education is to help others, including those immediately around you, but also those who you’ve never met.

“For me this is the defining characteristic of a great man, and what I believe the purpose of a St Patrick’s education is.”

Mrs Ryan also announced the team of House captains and vice captains who will form next year’s Student Council.

In 2021 the College houses will be led by the following:

 Nunan House

Captain Elect: Kade Towk.

Vice Captains elect: Jeremy Spedding and Nathan Sutton.

Galvin House

Captain Elect: Samuel Butler.

Supporter by Darcy Williams and Charlie Delaney.

Ryan House

Captain Elect: Hugh Ollerenshaw.

Vice Captains Elect: Spencer Jenks and Nicholas Hodgson.

Keniry House

Captain elect: Padraic Simpson.

Vice Captains Elect: Jack Richards and Benjamin Nash


Captain elect: Charlie Delaney

Vice Captain elect: Nicholas Hodgson.

“On behalf of the College I would like to congratulate these boys on their appointment and pray the gifts of the Holy Spirit will empower and influence them in their model of leadership and decision making,” Mrs Ryan said.