Welcoming back an Old Boy from the 1960s

December 2, 2019

We welcomed Old Collegian Tom Pinzone (SPC 1963, PY1966) back to the College with his wife Robyn recently.

Tom Pinzone showed his wife Robyn around the College where he spent his school days in the 1960s.

Tom was only at SPC for a year in intermediate (Year 9), and came to the College as a boarder from Ararat. He moved with his family to Sydney a year later, where he has lived since, but says he thoroughly enjoyed his short time at St Patrick’s, playing footy and making friendships, although they were mostly sadly short-lived due to his move interstate.

While very modest about his academic success, the 1963 College Annual shows Tom was a Senior Class Leader and awarded the Christian Doctrine and Dux for Form IIIB in 1963.

Tom and Robyn enjoyed the opportunity to visit the College for the first time in at least 20 years, visiting the College chapel, walking the school corridors, spotting his class photo on the canteen wall, as well as reminiscing at the football oval and walking through the old dormitory, where the boys used to throw their apple cores to Tom in his bed to throw out the window.

Thanks Tom and Robyn for visiting and sharing your happy memories!

Tom Pinzone pictured in the 1963 College Annual.

Tom Pinzone listed in the 1963 College Annual as a Class Leader of Form IIIB.

Tom Pinzone’s achievements listed in the 1963 College Annual.