Mental health care and COVID-19

March 19, 2020

By Rebecca Petrie, College Psychologist

Mental health care and COVID-19

Certain people who access a Mental Health Treatment Plan with a psychologist, can maintain their access to these services while self-isolating or in quarantine. Many private psychologists and clinics have set up teleconferencing services, so you may still be able to access your usual care from home. Please contact your private psychologist or GP to discuss these options.

Advice for young people with heightened anxiety or those who are self-isolating

Try to Maintain a Routine- Many teachers have made work available online, so set a timetable for yourself, which is similar to your usual school day.

Stay Connected – You have the ability to maintain contact with your peers now, more than ever before. Use social media to stay in touch. Set up video calls. Have ‘skype parties’. Get creative.

Use this time to connect with family. Remember those board games in the back of the cupboard, dust them off and make it competitive and fun.

Stay Active- Although your sports might be cancelled, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active at home. Kick a footy in the backyard with your little brother, challenge dad to a game of backyard cricket, learn some new dance moves or subscribe to a HIIT workout channel on YouTube.

Be Mindful- Be aware of how the situation in the world is affecting you. Recognise anxiety symptoms and talk about them. Access school services, online services or external mental health providers if you feel you need additional support. Try some mindful activities and meditations

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