Leon Borelli (SPC 1965-68)

February 17, 2021

Leon Borelli was a member of the Matriculation Debating Executive.

We are sad to announce the passing of Leon Borelli (SPC 1965-68) on July 14, 2020 after a brief illness, aged 69 years.

Leon was a student at St Patrick’s College from 1965-68 and he was renowned for his strength and was stroke of the first rowing crew at 15 years of age. Although quite shy at school who could forget his hilarious introductory lesson on weightlifting in the impromptu speeches on Purton Oratory night.

A well-liked student, Leon was also a talented trombonist in the College Brass Band throughout his time at St Patrick’s.

Following school, Leon went on to study Horticulture at the Burnley College and carved out a formidable career and name within the Horticultural industry.

Leon Borelli was a member of the SPC Aboriginal Advancement Group.

He was the creator and manager of Sunshine Seedlings which supplied seedlings to major retailers nationally including Bunnings. Leon invented the Megapunnet which provided 10 standard seedling punnets in one container which significantly reduced the cost to the consumer. So next time you buy a Sunshine Megapunnet, you can think of him.

Leon leaves behind his much-loved wife Sue and many friends. He was also a “dear friend” to many SPC classmates and this moving tribute was contributed by one of his mates, John Coffey (SPC1965-69).

Leon was a boarder with his brother John (SPC 1964-65), from Huntingdale, a suburb of Melbourne. The 1968 College Annual shows Leon was indeed a very active member of the school, and was a member of the SPC Aboriginal Advancement Group, SPC Senior Band, Matriculation Debating Executive, Fourths Football, and secretary of the Purton Oratory Contest.

Leon Borelli pictured in his 1968 Matriculation class photograph.

Leon Borelli was a keen rower.

Leon Borelli was also in the SPC Senior Band.