Introduction from the New Assistant Principal – Learning Innovation

February 4, 2022

by Ms Carol Roberts Assistant Principal – Learning Innovation

Introduction from the New Assistant Principal – Learning Innovation  

I wanted to take this opportunity, to introduce myself to the St Patrick’s College community, and to say a few words about my role, as the new Assistant Principal – Learning Innovation. I am thrilled to be a part of this great school, and look forward to the journey ahead, as part of the new Leadership Team.

Whilst I come to St Pat’s from Ballarat Clarendon College, I have a strong background in Catholic Boys’ education, as well as a significant knowledge in implementing evidence-based practice, which is a real passion of mine.

It really is a joy to be back in Catholic Boys’ education. Whilst St Patrick’s College is a school with many fine traditions, it is the inclusive community, and the willingness to welcome and celebrate each boy’s presence, that has drawn me back to the Edmund Rice charism.

In addition, it is seeing the Catholic faith in living action, with boys learning the deep satisfaction of helping the marginalised, voiceless and vulnerable, and upholding the values of gospel spirituality, that has drawn me back. The sense of welcome that I’ve felt, as a new staff member, has been quite overwhelming. I know that our boys are in a special place, indeed.

If I was to summarise how I view my role, I would say it is to provide relentless focus on high-quality teaching and learning, for every one of our boys.

At its foundation, my role is to ensure that every one of our students is making optimum progress. It will be to ensure that every boy is the recipient of an exceptional, world-class education.

When I recently addressed staff for the first time, I outlined what I see as our focus, as a whole school community. Our priority is simple; we must hold our boys’ learning and growth at the heart of what we do. By committing to providing them with excellence in education, we liberate them to fulfil their own personal calling.

And let me say, this isn’t something new to St Pat’s. It’s always been a part of the vision.

In 1893, Bishop Moore expressed a clear hope for St Patrick’s College: His dream was to have a boarding school for boys from his widespread, mainly rural diocese… And this boarding school, when it came, must “yield to none in excellence”.

That is how I see us as a Catholic Boys’ College – we will “yield to none in excellence”.

I am so excited at what 2022 and beyond holds, I know that together as a community, we are going to achieve amazing things with our boys.

I look forward to working with each, and every one of you.


The Year Ahead – Teaching and Learning for Students Isolating

It has been an unfortunate reality that some students and staff have found themselves having to isolate, as a result of COVID. I wanted to inform families of the teaching and learning support available to students at St Patrick’s College.

Students who feel well enough will be able to access a range of lessons and learning materials, via Microsoft Teams.

Teaching Staff are uploading learning materials for their lessons, in form of resources and/or recordings, in the relevant class team.

Students class teams have been set up for them for 2022, and can be found under the Teams tab, on the left-hand side of the Microsoft Teams Window.

If you require technical support to access these learning materials, please contact

As always, your son’s Pastoral Care Teacher remains the primary point of contact in supporting your son’s learning, development and well-being.

Ms Carol Roberts

Assistant Principal – Learning Innovation