Sustainability at St Patrick’s College

February 4, 2022

by Mr Michael Weadon, Sustainability Co-ordinator

The cry of the earth is the cry of the poor

St Patrick’s College as a catholic institution is particularly concerned about treading lightly on this earth.  As the Pope once said ‘live simply so others may simply live.’ As a result, we are encouraging all members of the College community to be mindful of the resources they use and to use them modestly.  Steps such as:

  • reducing single use packaging in their lunches
  • reducing power use,
  • come to school by low carbon means such as walking, riding or public transport
  • making efforts to sort our rubbish then using the appropriate bin.

One of our recycling efforts has been very successful so far with many community members brining in plastic bread tags for recycling.

Bread tag recycling

Thank you for continuing to bring in your plastic bread tags and placing them in the containers at front reception. Last year we sent a few thousand to the recyclers and we are about to send nearly three thousand today. The plastic bread tags are recycled into products which are sold and the profits donated to fund wheelchairs for people in poorer countries. Unfortunately the cardboard tags are not wanted in this program so leave those out but keep bringing the plastic tags in!


SAGERs is the student and staff action group that voluntarily work to reduce the College ecological footprint.  The acronym stands for: Student Action Group Environmentally Resource Smart.  They are a marvellous group of committed young men. The group will resume action in the near future.   Parents you may want to encourage your son to join the group.    All students and staff are welcome.