Class of 1972 catch up half a decade on

May 18, 2022

We had a great turn-out from the Class of 1972 for their 50-Year Reunion back earlier this month.

Old Collegians travelled from near and afar for the Sunday lunch get-together and enjoyed the opportunity to walk the hallways of the College during a guided tour.

Thank you to our Old Collegians from the Class of 1972 who returned for the day, along with former teacher Dan Sexton, who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to return to SPC for the day as well.

Paul Duggan and Michael Glenane.

Michael O’Keefe and former SPC teacher Dan Sexton.

Paul Devereux and Dennis Foley.

Jim Basham and Michael Keating.

Paul O’Donohue, Peter McArdle and Rod Vallance.

Keith Driesen, John Monaghan and Tim O’Shannessy.

Gav O’Donnell, Peter Callahan and Daniel Molloy.

Paul O’Donohue, Michael Glenane, Paul Devereux, Philip Woods and Shane Frawley.

Denis Churkovich, Peter Callahan, Daniel Molloy and Shane Frawley.

Derry Monaghan and Ray Jilbert.

Tim O’Shannessy, Charlie Flynn, John Hallam and Michael Glenane.

John Monaghan, Silvano Traverso, Michael O’Keeffe and Silvio Traverso.

The Class of 1972 celebrating their 50-Year Reunion on Sunday 1 May 2022.