Acting Co-Headmaster Wellbeing Message – August 22

August 22, 2019

Heralds of change

In four weeks, our Year 12 students will finish their VCE course content and begin the arduous task of revision in preparation for their upcoming VCCA examinations. In order to lessen the burden on our Student Council the College transfers the reigns of leadership over to the incoming 2020 Student Council at the College Transfer of Leadership and Awards Assembly to be held in the O’Malley Gymnasium on Tuesday September 17 commencing at 9:30am.- Accordingly, following the lengthy process of student voting, staff voting, written applications and interviews it gives me great pleasure to introduce the College community to the 2020 Student Council. To lead the Council will be our College Captain elect, William Rothe. He will be ably supported by Vice Captains elect, Max Waller and Finn Lappin. In 2020 the College houses will be led by the following:

– Nunan House

Captain elect, Elijah Cross; Vice Captains elect, Jasper Magri and Blake Scott.

Galvin House

Captain elect, William Gilbert; Vice Captains elect, Joseph Freeman and Bailey Mc Cabe.

Ryan House

Captain elect, Angus Treweek; Vice Captains elect, Owen Pearse and Darcy Cosgriff.

Keniry House

Captain elect, Jack Sampi; Vice Captains elect, Griffin Andrews and Charlie Molan.

On behalf of the College I would like to congratulate these boys on their appointment and pray the gifts of the Holy Spirit will empower and influence them in their model of leadership and decision making.

2020 Congress elections will open Monday and close on August 30 at 4pm. All current Year 7 to 10 students are eligible to vote.

Safe Partying

Celebrations are also a feature of the end year.- Can I say at the onset that St Patricks College does not condone the consumption of alcohol by any students enrolled at the College regardless of their age. If you are considering hosting a party I encourage you to down load and read carefully the Victorian Police publication Partysafe. Link provided below. In particular, please note your duty of care outlined on pages 7 and 11.


– Parents and students please note that the previously advertised Nude Food Day will not take place of Tuesday August 27. The canteen will be open as per usual.