Acting Co-Headmaster Wellbeing Message – Sept 19

September 18, 2019

Last Friday night I had the great privilege to travel down to Melbourne to attend the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Year 12 Graduation Dinner to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students in Victoria Catholic schools across the state. Six of our ten graduates were able to attend the dinner and it was with pride that I witnessed Denis Coolwell, Kayne Councillor, Mick Derrick, Elijah Kelly, Miles King and Tyrese Thompson be acknowledged and congratulated for their significant achievements.  Of interest there were 108 graduates in total. 22 were from the Ballarat diocese and half of that number were from St Patricks College. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all staff who have worked tirelessly with these boys encouraging and leading them to success. In particular, Fiona Cummins, Daniel Briggs Sarah Slater and all our boarding Staff capable lead by Michael Silcock.

Uniform: Term 4

The start of a new term will see our boys’ transition to the summer uniform. In anticipation of a burst of warm weather I thought it important to provide you with information regarding the wearing of the suitcoat to and from the College.

During hot periods of weather and at the discretion of the Deputy Headmaster – Wellbeing, students may wear to and from school only the shirt and tie, together with EITHER the school shorts and the approved College long socks OR the school trousers and dark socks. The jumper however, must not be worn as the outer garment. (College Uniform Policy)

During term 4, on hot days the Deputy Headmaster will make an announcement over the PA advising students that suitcoats are not required on departure. Spray jackets do form a part of our summer uniform and may not be worn as a substitute for the suit coat.  I thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.

2020 Student Council

At the College Assembly this week, the boys who were elected to the 2020 Student Council and the College Captain, Vice Captains and House Captains and Captains of Boarding were formally acknowledged.  I wish to congratulate all boys who were nominated for the elections and to those who were successful in being elected and appointed to represent their peers throughout next year.

End of a Busy and Successful Term

After an incredibly busy term, full of rich offerings across teaching and learning, the arts, VCAL and sport I’d like to thank all the parents who so generously gave of their time. Be that by ferrying boys to events, picking them up late after training or competing or just quietly encouraging and supporting their son’s involvement in all the co-curricular opportunities on offer. Thank you.  A lot of work and effort goes into all of these things – from boys, staff, parents and friends of the College and it is truly appreciated.  I am sure that boys are looking forward to a well-deserved break. I trust that everyone will have an enjoyable break, stay safe and return for the final term of 2019.