Acting Co-Headmaster Wellbeing Message September 5

September 4, 2019

Father’s Day

The College conducted a Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast on Friday, August 30 which was once again, very well supported by boys, their fathers and in some cases, grandfathers. Thank you to Mr Geoff Brodie, the Director of Mission and members of the Liturgy Domain of the Mission Team who coordinated the Mass and to Nyath Yanwei who leads our catering team for the wonderful breakfast.

Northern Territory Meetings-

Director of Boarding, Mike Silcock and I once again conducted our annual Northern Territory meetings with members of remote communities who have connections with the College either as Old Collegians, current families or prospective families. Our goal is to continue to foster and establish relationships with the families of past and present students and to continue to engage in meaningful dialogue to ensure that our Indigenous programme continues to meet the needs of our all our remote students. Our Indigenous programme commenced in 2008 and I am proud that we have worked tirelessly to continue to review, adapted and remodel the programme so that it remains current and meaningful. Our key focus areas continue to be school readiness, literacy and numeracy, engagement and attendance and the provision of suitable pathways including post -“ school options.