Acting Headmaster’s Message – October 12, 2017

October 11, 2017

Welcome back to Term Four! The Term Three break seemed to come at just the right time for students and staff alike, providing a much needed opportunity for all to enjoy some quality time with family and friends and to begin planning and preparing for all that Term Four brings.

EREA 10th Anniversary

During the recent school holidays, a significant anniversary was reached for Edmund Rice Education Australia. Ten years ago, on the first of October 2007, the Christian Brothers established Edmund Rice Education Australia. In doing so the Christian Brothers delegated to the members of its Council the necessary authority to conduct the schools which had before that been the responsibility of the four Provinces of Christian Brothers in Australia.

Following is an excerpt from letter sent to the staff and communities of EREA schools from Paul D Oakley cfc (President, Edmund Rice Education Australia), to mark this significant anniversary:

It is nearly one hundred and fifty years since a follower of Edmund Rice, Brother Patrick Ambrose Treacy, stepped ashore with his companions at Station Pier in Melbourne to commence to do for the young voiceless ones of Australia what Edmund Rice had done for those in Ireland some sixty years earlier. In Edmund Rice Education Australia, we are taking up the ministry of the many Brothers and their colleagues who followed in their footsteps.

On this tenth anniversary of the establishment of Edmund Rice Education Australia we can rejoice that the vision of those who planned and worked long and hard over so many years has been fulfilled.- Edmund Rice Education Australia now governs, manages and conducts over fifty schools and learning centres. This is a great responsibility and a very great privilege. The Brothers have not only generously gifted the schools and their resources, a physical patrimony, to Edmund Rice Education Australia, but more importantly, they have gifted their spiritual patrimony by sharing the Charism of Blessed Edmund Rice to enliven and inspire all in Edmund Rice Education Australia as we continue to develop this school’s ministry in Church mission.

Our continuing development as Edmund Rice Education Australia has only been possible because of the generous contributions of the Christian Brothers and all our parents, staff, students and administrators. Many have been inspired by the Charism that we share. The Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition gives practical expression to that Charism through the Touchstones that have been developed by our community. As the Charter proclaims, these touchstones give us ideals authentically linked with the charism which underpins the ministry in our schools and educational endeavours. They help us set our direction and define our goals as, following Blessed Edmund’s vision, we continue to reflect and seek to make the Gospel a living reality in our communities.

May each of us and each of our schools share in the prophetic mission of the Catholic Church to continue the work of Jesus and bring good news to the poor.

With deep and sincere thanks for all you do to bring this mission to life.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Paul D Oakley cfc

VCE trial exams

I would like to acknowledge and thank all staff who contributed to the successful VCE trial exams which took place during the Term Three break for their assistance, supervision, correction and upcoming feedback. St Patrick’s is truly blessed to have so many teachers who go above and beyond to support the learning needs and academic outcomes of our boys.

2017 VCE Visual Arts and Technology Showcase

On Wednesday I attended the VCE Visual Arts and Technology Showcase in the College Pavilion. The evening showcased the best student work from VCE Units 3/4 Product Design and Technology, Studio Arts, Systems Engineering and Visual Communication and Design.

Many of the parents and fellow students who attended the evening commented on the high quality of work on display. I would like to acknowledge our VCE Visual Arts and Technology teachers who helped to inspire and encourage the work of the boys – – Mr Peter Ryan, VCE Units 3/4 Product Design and Technology teacher; Mrs Melissa Griffin, VCE Units 3/4 Studio Arts teacher; Mr Roger Knight VCE Units 3/4 Systems Engineering teacher and Ms Clare Condon and Ms Katherine Clegg, Visual Communication and Design teachers.

Year 12 and finishing well

Our Year 12 boys met on Wednesday to discuss the many aspects that collectively form the end of Year 12. With just eight days of classes remaining for 2017, the Year 12 boys are again reminded of, the key messages for this exciting time:

  • We finish as we started (your focus should be on the goal of completing a successful Year 12 and maximising your outcome)

  • While not every result for each piece of 2017 assessment may have been what you wanted, much of this can be redeemed by using the next few weeks to be as well prepared as possible for the upcoming exams

  • Everything you do, every interaction with your peers and with your teachers counts. What is the last impression you want to leave as a St Patrick’s student? What do you want to see on any written reference?

  • Other students learn from your example. You have the opportunity to set the standard for other students to aspire to.

  • Your teachers have professionally invested heavily in getting the best personal and academic outcome for each of you. If you are not using their knowledge and expertise in the coming critical weeks, you are doing yourself a disservice.

  • We celebrate when we have something to celebrate. We will do this as a community, students, parents and staff alike, on Friday, November 17 at the Valedictory Dinner

  • Actions have consequences. Don’t put yourself in a position whereby we have to respond to a choice you made knowing that it would require a response from the school.

Tsuzuki International Scholarship

Four Year 10 students, Lachlan Cini, Jacob Costelow, Jett Currie and Bobby Glanford are currently enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a term living and studying in Japan as part of the Tsuzuki International Scholarship offered by the College in conjunction with Linden Hall High School. The scholarship provides support and financial assistance for highly capable Year 10 students to travel to Japan for an intensive cultural education experience.

The Tsuzuki International Scholarship is the result of a collaboration between St Patrick’s and Linden Hall High School in Fukuoka, Japan. Linden Hall is a co-educational day and boarding school which provides a full 12-year educational program and aims to cultivate internationally minded people who are able to freely use English. The school adopts an English immersion program in which all subjects besides Japanese are taught in English.

I’m sure that Lachlan, Jacob, Jett and Bobby will make the most of this wonderful opportunity and thoroughly enjoy Term Four living in Fukuoka as boarding school students at Linden Hall.

Mr Stephen Hill

Acting Headmaster