Acting Principal’s Message

September 4, 2020

By Acting Principal, Mr Stephen Hill

Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday’s celebration of Father’s Day will most likely be quite different for many families. While the opportunity to gather as a family in recognition of our father will be limited, we can still take the time to reflect, and hopefully share, those aspects of our father we value and hold close to our heart – his strength, his guiding hand, his wisdom, his help, and perhaps most importantly, his unconditional love.

One parable in particular comes to mind when reflecting on the unconditional love of our father – the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-22). The image of a father waiting for the return of his wayward child with such patience and longing is one of the most poignant scenes in the Bible. His response to his son’s irresponsible behaviour catches us off guard with its magnanimity and parental perception.

The parable of the Prodigal Son also reminds us that we have a God whose love knows no bounds, who stands ready to forgive us for our shortcomings, and who awaits our return home with longing and tenderness. As we honour fathers this Sunday, may we also give thanks to our Father in heaven for his sheltering presence.

To all our fathers, have a great day this Sunday!

Arrangements for the end of Term 3 and the beginning of Term 4

Please click on the below site to view a letter to all families providing a College update on COVID-19 and outlining arrangements for the end of Term 3 and the beginning of Term 4.

September 4 – College update on COVID-19